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  1. GERONAMO308


  2. Now that`s some altitude, what is the Mi reading?. Is that the distance travelled for the day?
  3. GERONAMO308

    Directions ?

    Haha, gotta love the signs that give all a good laugh
  4. GERONAMO308


    This pic should be loaded onto the website called bogged on facebook. lol
  5. Good size trailer by the looks, how many bikes can you fit on it?
  6. Hey good on him getting out an about. Especially in such a beautiful countryside. Looks amazing.
  7. In my experience alot of the time the parts will end up costing more than a Japanese bike, and the don`t last very well at all. Most of these bikes are thrown away once they fail, try an get parts from other ppls dead bikes if possible.
  8. Hi all, does anyone know what type of plastic is used for making ATV fairings. In particular Suzuki Quadrunner 1992, if i cannot get a plastic for it in Red for the rear i will attempt repair. I have a King Chrome plastic welding kit, however you need to know what type of plastic you are welding. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Any ppl from Perth give advice on the best places to ride in WA. Beach with good fishing which allows camping would be awesome. But am open to all ideas. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi all, i am trying to get some old knobby style cheng shin tyres for man old Yamaha i am restoring. The rim size is only 9inch, just wondering how common the 9inch wheels are. Tyres themselves are 25 x 12-9, anyone import cheng shin into Australia?. Hopefully someone can assist. Cheers
  11. Hi all am wondering if anyone has wrecked a 1992 quad runner, an has rear plastics available for it?. Am hoping for red, although will take any colour if is in Perth Western Australia. Any advice is greatly appreciated
  12. There must be someone in Michigan surely. How many quads do you have mate?. My view is one bike is never enough, I have 4 including the road bike. Or get a mate to buy a quad or trike, then at least you already know them.

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