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  1. Thinking about getting a set of these for my 1997 wolverine that I ride in southern California on mostly desert hard pack rock trails. Anyone have any experience with these tires? Thanks, AD
  2. Not a lot of traction on this. Did you find a solution? I have a 1997
  3. Can you confirm if you are getting spark?
  4. Any luck with this? I might have to do something similar for my 1997 wolverine?
  5. Looking to get some tires for my old quad, but the tires are getting rarer. Paying near 100 for tires seems a lot when that is what I just paid for tires for my car and i only ride four or five times a year Anyone have any leads on good used or closeouts in 23x10/12 and 23x8/12? Additionally, what other sizes can I run that might be easier to find and not muck with the 4x4? Thanks, AD
  6. I have three quads : 1997 Yamaha wolvernie 350 2005 yamaha 125 grizzly 2007 Polaris trailblazer 250 New to the la area and am needing to get these these so I can ride. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, AD

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