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  2. He was asking $3,900. Finally said lowest he would go would be $3,000. I kinda figure by the time I fix the things, then I might be better off buying one that actually has fuel injection.
  3. Wondering if it is worth $3000. with the miles and hours. Only issues I see is broken tail light, needs new control arm bushings, and the winch cable was pulled out all the way and then quit. Here are some pics.
  4. I found a 2006 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 thats fore sale. I can get it for $3000. It has 355 hours and a little over 1800 miles. It has a newer body. It is the blue color and marked efi on it. The guy tried to pass it off as being fuel injected and that the choke simply idled it up. I told him that efi did not come out until 2008 and that color was not available until 2007. I kind of feel that if he is not being honest about that, then what esle is he hiding. It starts good and I rode it around a small parking lot and seemed to ride all right. Couldnt really get it up to a good speed due to room. Is it worth going for? Anything on these to look out for or any years better than others? Thanks..
  5. Where is the bowl vent? does it come out through the rubber tubes out of carb? I've taken everything I can apart and cleaned, including the screen under float needle valve, and replaced that rubber oring, which was causing my original problem of flooding out. the float measurement is right on, pms screw backed out 2 3/4 turn, cleaned the jet that comes out center of carb. I will be ordering the gaskets and missing parts for the carb. When I get a chance, i'll check the valves.
  6. No I didn't check valve lash. I have no idea how to. Is it hard to check? It was the left hand side that made the motor idle down. Which side cover? the one with the throttle cable in it? I didn't think that had to be air tite. I did take the top all apart and cleaned all of that and blew what I could out while I had the jet out. Is the finger screw out the bottom the only idle adjustment?
  7. I burried my quad up to axels in some muck tonight. Hooked winch up to a tree, and when started to pull out it just drained the battery and wanted to kill engine. I had to use a come-along to get out. I have a champion 2500lb. winch. I don't know if I need a better winch or better battery. Also when plowing snow, it weakens battery quickley raising and lowering plow. First winch ever had, any advise appreciated. Worst part is, I didn't get any pictures.... Thanks...
  8. Ouch, I feel really stupid. I looked in my book, and your right, it says clear as day 10w40. I will check twice from now on before I post specifications. Sorry about that. If you need anything else out of the book, let me know and I can copy pages and email them to you. Just pm me your email address...
  9. The Idle problem started after I took the carb apart. I sprayed carb cleaner around, when I got to bottom of carb, it started to run funny. Is it possible to leak air through bottom (float cover) and not leak gas out when setting over night? If so, I'll replace that rubber gasket. If you leave it in gear, it idle's just fine, if it were timing, i'de think it would make it die all the time. It's a great machine after you get it started. Thanks again for the advise...
  10. My book covers 250 and 300 so I assume their the same. My oil filter is on the right side rear in behind tire area. It is not a screw off kind like a car. you remove a cap and it comes out. Mine calls for 10w30. I think 10w40 is to heavey a weight.
  11. Sorry havn't been back for awhile. It is oil cooled, not water cooled. After it warms up, the smoke goes away. I tried to romove the plug on bottom of muffler, but it won't budge. I took the carb apart again and removed the jet and cleaned it and removed the pms screw and cleaned in their. Did notice that the SPRING is missing from the pms screw hole. Will that cause a problem? Their is also a washer missing from the screw that holds the jet in. I changed the plug. It had carbon buildup on it after being cleaned recently. Still have to pull start until it warms up, then wants to idle high. I do appreciate all the advice you all give. thanks...
  12. My book said to adjust pms screw out 2 3/4 turns. I did that and it did'nt change anything. Is valve clearance easy to check? I'm gonna read the book and see what it says. My book is not clear an things. Where is a starter jet? I did'nt take any jets out. couldn't figure out how. When it runs, it blows whitish clear smoke. Put hand over exhaust, leaves no residue, although once it blew water out exhaust. Thanks again for your help. It is appreciated...
  13. It was hard starting before, but it didn't have the Idle problem. Before it seemed like it was flooding itself out, now it seems like its not getting enough gas, not sure. Once its running, it runs good. In the manual, theirs a screw in the carb that say to seat it, then back it out proper amount of turns, but doesn't say how many. I did turn it before I new what it was. Wondering it that could be the problem. Is their any other signs of valve problems? By the way, it has manual choke. it was froze open. I pulled it out and lubed it, now it moves free, but doesn't seem to help start it. Just kills it if it is running and you engage it. Thanks for help, this is getting frustrating...
  14. Forgot to ask, anyone know what year 300 Suzuki built for Arctic Cat? Thanks,,
  15. My 2000 Arctic Cat 300 is having starting and running issues. You have to crank it over while putting your hand on back of carb to get it to try to start, then it will only start by flipping up decompression switch and pull starting. When it warms up, then it will start fine with electric start. Once it warms up, it idles fine for awhile, then starts to idle up to a high rpm, if you push down on shift lever and let up slow, it will then idle down. I just leave it in gear. It was having trouble running at full throttle. I took the carb apart and cleaned it and found the tube that the float needle valve goes into had a bad gasket and was letting to much gas into bowl. Replaced that and now runs great at full throttle. Don't know if I messed up any adjustments or not. Any info would be greatly apprecciated. Thanks, Brian...

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