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  2. I always wanted one of those when I was a kid. They look like fun.
  3. Thanks, I'll have to get the red loctite, and see if a new cotter pin came with what I bought or if I need to buy one.
  4. I got a branch stuck up under my back axle on the right side and it sheared the boot closet to the tire off. The guy at the atv place said I'd have to take the boot off on the inside too, because that's the way they designed it. I'm hoping this is bull crap, and I only have to fix the one. Either way, I bought new boots and bands for each on the back right side. I need to buy a banding tool with a cutter next, to complete the ensemble. My question is, how hard of a fix is this? I was going to ask my uncle if he could do it. I know it'll be a greasy mess, but is it simple? I don't want it to
  5. well, better stuck than broke
  6. zancat

    SSRT Pig Roast 2010

    Wow, that was a long trestle. They tore out all the train tracks where I lived. I miss seeing the trains, they were awesome.
  7. I know I'll never forget that day. It's hard to believe it's been 10 yrs already.
  8. zancat

    99 Arctic Cat 250

    Thanks! I'm going to run it till it dies. It smokes really bad when I first start it up, then will quit once it gets warm. I go through a lot of spark plugs, but it's cheaper than having the engine redone. Supposedly it was fixed once already.
  9. zancat

    400ex jump

    Good photo, the image is nice and clear
  10. zancat

    Mellow Down

    Thanks! Got it from T Supply
  11. Now where did you find that....
  12. Aww, this is a great photo!

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