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  1. This is my favorite pic from the Championship Mud Racing at Carolina Adventure World in SC.
  2. My partner writes ATV Articles and I was just wondering how I can help her get her articles posted onto this forum. I am sure if you read a few of her articles you would be amazed at her writing ability and the types of articles she does. Please let me know. You can check some of them out at atvsource.com and do a search for the name CJ Rena Johnson.
  3. That is a story i would like to hear sometime and I am sure my partner would too! She also had an accident a few years ago and has let nothing stop her. She is awesome woman and she inspires me every day teaching me never to give up, that God has a plan for us all whether we see it or not. So way to go young lady!!! Its nice to know women are welcomed in here!
  4. My favorite type of riding to do is NIGHT Riding! Only if I have had enough sleep the night before. Always ride with a GROUP or at least utilize the buddy system when night riding.
  5. I agree with this because the first time I took my new four wheeler out years ago, I had no experience in riding. I was going slow and still turned the 4-wheeler over and had a few bruises and was lucky to not get hurt any worse. So it doesn't matter how slow or how fast. It has to do with technique. So everyone please take a safety course for yourself, your family and the ATV community.
  6. Ready for a road trip? Meet us at Cape Fear ATV Park Easter Week. Me and my partner are planning on having an awesome time! We will be taking photos and writing an article on the ATV Park. We would love to meet some of you and have your input on what you think of the park and it could be published in a magazine!
  7. I have heard a lot about this place. I have heard it is wonderful. I am ready to go and have this great experience that everyone is talking about. I am planning on going to the October fest. If you go, let me know, me and my partner would love to meet you.
  8. I agree that Carolina Adventure world is a great place to go. But I have enjoyed the night rides there the most. I love riding under the stars.
  9. hello everyone i'm 43 years old. I've had a ATV for quite a few years. Didn't ride it much until I met my partner CJ. She is an ATV woman and I love it. I get to go different places with her while she works on her stories. I work in the field of special education and also love my job. I have two dogs, five cats, 3 frogs, 1 lizzard, 1 bird, and 1 hamster. Along with tons of tropical and freshwater fish.
  10. Hey baby!! You are great, marvelous and wonderful, I can't wait to start our weekend. Things for introducing me to the ATV world.
  11. This is my first ATV forum community. I'm excited to get to know some of you.

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