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  1. FINALLY got her stripped down to the frame.... really should have checked with wifey to see what outstanding tasks I had on the honey-do list before taking on this project 😊That and crappy weather set me back a bit. Ordered a new set of handlebars and bumper guard. Once those come in, everything is getting powdercoated. I’m thinking pink with sparkly purple accents 🤣 love my girls
  2. Looks great! nice work 💪 meant to ask, what motorcycle/atv stand is that in the pics?
  3. Update: started stripping her down today. Hoping to have it down to the frame over the next day or two. Looks like I’ll need to replace the wiring harness - it’s cut and melted in numerous places. The exhaust bolts are going to be a problem a well... pretty rusted and slightly rounded. Other than that, no surprises 👍
  4. I’ve always been under the impression it’s better to clean/rebuild than to replace. Although I’ve never seen a cab so far gone that it needed to be replaced, but I’m sure others here have.
  5. Free is the right price! Looks like you struck gold there.
  6. Thanks Jim! I’ll be sure to post photos along the way
  7. Thanks Frank! I did see the oil tank under the seat. Not sure where the oil is injected though (I assumed the carb). Doesn’t appear to be leaking from the tank. Sounds like I need to break it down and investigate further
  8. Does anyone have the answer to this question?
  9. Picked up an LT80 (unknown year) for $200 recently for my girls. Not running at the moment, but does turn over. I’m thinking the carb needs to be rebuilt or replaced, as it appears to be leaking 2 stroke oil. Anyway, I’m excited to have something to wrench on in my (limited) spare time
  10. Sub'd. Just picked up an LT80 myself. Wondering if this info isn't in the service manual
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