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  1. Is that pic from 1991 when you first bought it?!! That looks brand new
  2. Red dirt country??!! Welcome
  3. I just did redid 2 carbs. I work on mostly cars though. I bought a Bottom-of-the-Harbor-Freight ultrasonic cleaner. Did a great job cleaning the carbs with little effort. I disassembled, put the parts in, then went back to work doing other stuff while the machine did the work. I should have bought one years ago. I think I aid about $45-50 after the discount coupon. I am sure other brands would work as well or better. I rough sprayed the carb with cleaner. Then put in the ultrasonic. Then sprayed out all the hole with carb cleaner and compressed air. Then back in the ultrasonic cleaner again. Lather rinse repeat twice. Came out awesome. It works great for other small item too.
  4. Brought it down to $13.20 with free shipping!! Peter
  5. I hope the "Kids ATV Forum is right place for this. I have an early (?Year) LT80. Doing lots of work to slowly get it working. Is there any way to judge how much oil coming form the oiler pump into the carb is about right? I searched here but found nothing...I likely was using the wrong term but had no luck. Peter
  6. What is "normal" compression psi for these little engines? I am most used to old English cars...these are ll new to me.
  7. Did you ever solve this? I have some power but still very weak with power but idle now smooth?
  8. LT80DAD


  9. Just own an older LT80 at this time. Also, my older kids build and modify go-karts for street and dirt use. We have a couple old dirt bikes. We also do a lot of auto restoration work. Working on Quads is new but i think is going to be fun. In North Canton, OH area Peter
  10. Also concerned dad...and work in the ER. I looked up safety in journal articles several years back. Three big issues that makes these unsafe. 1.Lack of helmets. 2.Kids riding adult/too big quads. 3.Two people riding one ATV. If you get rid of those three issues, they are pretty safe.

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