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  1. When it is cold outside, say 35 deg F and colder, it is very difficult to shift to Reverse from neutral. Engine temp doesn't have an effect. I apply the brakes hard with the hand lever and the foot pedal. In another post I read that high idle can affect shifting when the engine temp is warm. I will try it with lower idle speed once I find the screw. In the interim, can you tell me if there is some sort of adjustment for the shifter? Thank you
  2. The thing sat since Christmas 2018 and while I decided whether to replace the starter (which I finally did today). I am not sure if I added fuel stabilizer or not but chances are good I did. I kept the one year-old battery well charged during the winter. It turns over well but won't start. I have a blue spark on a brand new plug. When I pour a bit of fuel down the cylinder, the engine starts and runs for a few seconds (once for as long as about 8 sections) and then dies. Even before adding fuel to the cylinder I noticed that the spark plug was wet with fuel. The air filter looks a b
  3. I finally removed the starter. It appears to be seized....at least I can't turn the gear with my fingers, which I should be able to do, right? Do you think the bearings are shot? What else could it be? Thank you.
  4. Thank you for the reply. I forgot to mention that my atv is a 1992 Kawa Bayou300 4x4 which has a manual transmission.
  5. I had the brushes replaced about a year ago but you got me remembering more details. A few months ago, when the starter stopped working, well it didn't just stop working. It sounded like the starter was spinning but not engaging. Then after a few tries the starter stopped altogether and the solenoid started clicking. I left it until now. I'll remove the starter and bench test it. I doubt the engine is seized but I guess it could be . Anyway, the pull start doesn't work. Could I tow it and jam it in first gear to check if the engine is seized? It's a 4x4 in case that matters.
  6. Hi. When I press the starter switch, the solenoid clicks and the starter doesn't turn. The battery is good (about 12.6 volts). I tried shorting the two big bolts on the solenoid with a screwdriver. I got sparks and the starter didn't turn. I tried running a booster cable directly to the starter post but all I get is a bunch of sparks. I connected the positive side of the battery to the post or bolt on the starter. I connected the negative side of the battery to the frame, Did I connect everything wrong? I don't know why I get the sparks. Thank you
  7. I used this on my atv and I have another one for my tractor. It's very cold here in the winter and it does the trick. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/coleman-2-5-watt-12-volt-solar-battery-maintainer-0112007p.html#srp
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  9. I am having the same issues as original poster. Can someone tell me how to get to the pickup coil? Do I just remove the cover on the left side? I want to check the connectors. Thanks.

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