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1992 Bayou 300 4x4 won't start unless pour bit of gas in cylinder

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The thing sat since Christmas 2018 and while I decided whether to replace the starter (which I finally did today).  I am not sure if I added fuel stabilizer or not but chances are good I did.  I kept the one year-old battery well charged during the winter.  It turns over well but won't start.  I have a blue spark on a brand new plug.  When I pour a bit of fuel down the cylinder, the engine starts and runs for a few seconds (once for as long as about 8 sections) and then dies.  Even before adding fuel to the cylinder I noticed that the spark plug was wet with fuel.

The air filter looks a bit dirty so I removed it just to see if the engine would start better but it made no difference.

If the fuel did not contain stabilizer then the carb may be gummed up.  I don't really want to remove the carb to do a thorough cleaning.  Is there a product I can spray into the carb while the engine turns over that will clean the carb?

Any other suggestions?

Thank you

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Sounds like the needle valve is sticking or gummed up and not sealing good.  If the plug is wet, it's drowning itself.  If the 300 is like my 220 you can pull the airbox and then the carb in about 5 minutes.  Pull it apart and give it a good spraying through with carb cleaner and then blow every pathway you can find out with compressed air.  Pretty sure it'll fire right back up then.

Check the number of turns on the idle air screw though before you pull it all apart.  Tighten it counting the turns in until it snugs up.  Don't tighten it as that may damage the seat, just snug.  You'll need to put it back together with the same number of turns out.


Sorry, I know you said you didn't want to pull the carb but you take a real chance on burning a valve if you introduce anything strong enough to clean deposits.  They don't much like hotter explosions than gas.

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This is a typical carburetor issue.  Take the carb off of the machine and brake it down good and clean it.

If an engine starts by putting fuel in the head or by spraying starter fluid into the carburetor then it’s 100% a dirty carburetor.

Keep in mind where the air fuel screw was set at and put it back at that spot when the carburetor is cleared. 

If your not sure  how to do this then there is a post on carburetor rebuilds on the forum.   

Its not that bad to do so it’s something you can tackle.  If you can’t find the post let me know  and I will point you in the right direction. 


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I just did redid 2 carbs. I work on mostly cars though.

I bought a Bottom-of-the-Harbor-Freight ultrasonic cleaner. Did a great job cleaning the carbs with little effort.  I disassembled, put the parts in, then went back to work doing other stuff while the machine did the work.  I should have bought one years ago.  I think I aid about $45-50 after the discount coupon. I am sure other brands would work as well or better.

I rough sprayed the carb with cleaner.  Then put in the ultrasonic.  Then sprayed out all the hole with carb cleaner and compressed air.  Then back in the ultrasonic cleaner again.  Lather rinse repeat twice. Came out awesome.

It works great for other small item too.

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