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  1. Hi, I just looked the mains block of mine -19 Sportman. At least on it, major bundle of negative leads came to earthing point just below the 3-pole block. This point is connected to the 3-pole block negetive terminal together with cable from the battery and cable from the voltage regulator. Connection is done be thin metal strip, if remember correct what I see earlier today... Check that metal strip, if it have been suffered any damages. And the battery cables too.
  2. That was exactly what I was thinked about. It would be the one service, I not expect too many hours on my use. But, turns out that no service history logged on Polaris system and they stated if the vehicle have been claimed by insurance company, quarantee is gone... So, this simplifies this issue. And, the Finnish importer of Polaris is well known to easyly reject all quarantee issues, even the clear cases...
  3. Well, I did some watching about other auctions to see the general price level. On this vehicle, cons was bit high kilometers and missing service book. Thought, I believe I made atleast a reasonable deal. Since this have factory quarantee still 1 year left, if serviced on dealer but not history marked on Polaris system. Just did some search about the previous owner and his local dealer, going to ask if any service history will be available. I allready make oil changes to front and rear diff, but started to think if I can find a service history, it may be wise to do the maintenance by dealer to keep the quarantee running. I have read that Polaris have strictly order to that service have to be done official service to keep quarantee running. Using paid services is bit odd to me, I have always done (almost) all maintenace to my vehicles by myself... 😉
  4. It was hit to something on its left front tyre and rolled over maybe. Lower A-arm and steering rod bent, replaced them. And minor scrathes here and there. Tyres are allmost gone on front, it's have been on road use 100 hour/4000kms.
  5. Its Sportsman -19, limited to 60kph as its registered as tractor. Easy project, got it inspected today. Further to do, it needs new tyres, and like to have winch and snowplow too for a winter.
  6. Well... Due to this corona time, I have to had something to tinker about. So, I bid an ATV from local Copart yard last week. Not so bad, some new parts to change. Hopefully get it back to road on next week.
  7. Thanks! I will do this soon after the change of the lower support arm.
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    Thanks! This is -19. 110h and 4000km done, quite a high average speed... . Got from local Copart yard, it have had some hit on front left tyre. Lower A-arm to be changed and some minor cosmetic work to be done.
  9. Agree this! Found almost through rubbed wires on mine during a other service work.
  10. Hi, Greets from Finland! Just bought Polaris Sportsman 570 Touring and looking for info for that. -Juha

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