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  1. Thanks I do appreciate it. I'm sorry for your loss as well ScOtt. Steven
  2. Ajmboy, Harvest started on the 17th of June and ended on the 25th of June and was going great until the evening of June 20th. That evening started a long and sad remaining days of harvest. My Dad, 66years of age, decided it was his time to go and took his own life!! My Dad passed away shortly after 10PM. He did have some health problems and my family believes that was a major factor in why he did what he did. Anyway.... The cherry crop was good and harvest went ok this year. I did not get much and have not gotten very much riding in. I have not taken any pictures yet, but I will, and when I do you guys will know it cause I will post them. Take care. Steven
  3. Hey thanks I will take a look and see if I can adjust it. It will idle on partial choke but not full choke. Full choke will make it die, even the partial choke tries to make it die if you run it for too long. Thanks for the help, I do appreciate it. Steve
  4. How do I and where is the idle screw adjustment for a boys' Raptor 80? After it warms up and sometimes when it is cold, it will not idle very well, mostly when it warms up though. I have looked for the adjustment and cannot find it. I must be blind. It has approximately 15 hrs on it since new in April 2006. Anyway, please help me. Steve
  5. Ya I will get some pics up but it won't be until the 27th or so before I will get any loaded. I start my Bing cherry harvest on Wednesday the 17th. Gonna be real busy for about 7-10 days straight. I have 30 acres to harvest. I won't get much riding in until after the harvest. As of right now I do not have any pictures of my quads, so I will make sure to get some. I do have pictures of my motorcyles that I used to own but they are not digital, so I will have to digitize them and then load them. Anyway thanks again for all the help.... Now for my next question??? Steve
  6. Well just an update. The spark plug has seemed to fix the problem. The quad runs awesome now, and just in time for me to use it during our cherry harvest too. I start harvesting Bing cherries Wednesday the 17th. Again thanks go out to everyone for their input and help, I really do appreciate it. Steve
  7. Kool! I will keep that in mind if anymore problems occur. Have fun ride safe, and as they say in the helicopter pilots world " Keep the greasy side down" Thanks again Steve
  8. I will check for the fuel screw and make any adjustments if needed. I did ride today and all I did was change the plug. So far everything is great, did not have any problems and rode for almost 45 minutes with my oldest boy who will be 10 on the 22nd . He has a 2006 Raptor 80. Again thanks for the help. To answer your question... I live 25 miles North of Pasco (Tri-Cities) in a little town called Basin City, and not to be confused with Benton City which is West of Tri-Cities. Where do you live and where do you ride?? I try to ride at Juniper Dunes but there always seem to be some kind of conflict going on with BLM and the farmers. One minute it is open the next it is closed. So I quit going.That is why I do not ride much anymore and why I sold my dirtbikes. Well ride safe and have fun, thanks again. Steve
  9. DirtDemon, I will look for the fuel screw and see if that helps along with a new plug. The quad has been sitting for almost a year, but this has been an existing problem since I bought the quad used in April of 2006. I took the tank off and cleaned out all the old gas. I cleaned the the screens to the fuel pitcock also. I then cleaned the airfilter. After all that I then cleaned all the jets and the carb. I even put a new battery in it. Thanks for your help. I will post my outcome and progress after this weekend. Steve
  10. Thanks for the information. I will try a new plug and see what happens. I will check everything mentioned one at a time if it is more than the plug. The carb has been cleaned completely and the air filter has also been cleaned and re-oiled. Thanks I do appreciate the help. I will let you know what I find out. It won't be until this weekend, but I will let you know as soon as I do the work. Again thank you. Steve
  11. Nope. This quad was bought used with only 15hrs on it and now has a total of 40hrs on it. I don't think the previous owner jetted it either.

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