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  2. And i will let you guys know what it was. if i dont fix it via a match in the gas tank first
  3. I'm what most would call a workoholic. work more in two weeks than most do in three or four. I have not even had a min to look at it. I do appreciate all the input and am not looking for someone to fix it but when i look at this and have people throwing out ideas it sure helps. 3,4,5 brains can be much better than one. thanx everybody!!!!
  4. Thanks. Good deal on the stator!! I appreciate the heads up on that. Will check it all out. Good idea about the wire. i had the shop check the coil. said it was good. Thank you for the ideas everybody!!
  5. Thanks for the idea. I just got married and went on a honeymoon so havent had much free time to check this out. Back to the real world now lol. Changing the jets or needles have not helped or hurt the problem one little bit. did not change it one little bit. i have switched back and forth a million times and have a hadful of jets. Heard a idea from a mech i know, how about the stator? i heard a rumor that they are hard to test accuratly but did test it and showed resistance at .8 book says .45 to .65 is good.
  6. The air box lid is not modified and it is on and they are sync'd. The way I understood it is that pilot would only help in the idle to 1/4 throttle range. It stumbles the worst at about 3/4 to full. Stumbles a little less but sill bad at about 1/2 to 3/4. And it runs great before i hit about 3000 rmp +/- at any throttle position. But I would try it if you still think that might be the issue. It is hard to explain exactly what is going on so i am trying to be clear. I thank you guys again for you thoughts and am going to pull the carbs back off and check in regularly to see what you think. I forgot to ask which way with the pilot.
  7. The carbs sit the same distance from the engine and air filter.
  8. I changed the mains twice, adjusted the needle, inspected the choke, and checked for leaks. I did not change the pilot yet because the only way i can get it to climb in rpm is with a small amount of throttle but will try anything at this point!! For some reason the carbs are supposed to be jetted that way ( can't remember why). I am not familiar with float bowl vents but again will try! oh and the things i did try have not changed it at all Thanks for your suggestions my fiance really wants to ride. We both appreciate any thoughts!!!!!
  9. I posted a question last fall to try a figure out why my '05 raptor 660 runs so poorly after a local shop worked on it. They insalled the jet kit and cdi. It starts cutting out past about 3000 rpm. It feels like it is starving for fuel. Does not cut out at exactly the same rpm but close. If you play with the throttle (ease into it back and forth a little) it will eventually rev up but still cuts out when you hammer it!! This only happens when riding it... in neutral it revs straight to govener with no hesitation. ADD ONS gytr jet kit k&n filter D&G exhaust(slip on) CDI box (Ricks motorsports hot shot) THINGS I HAVE TRIED replace cdi box new jets- stock runs 140 & 145, shop installed 145 & 150, I installed 150 & 155 (dual carbs) Adjusted air fuel mix a thousand times!!! removed parking brake saftey switch tested coil THEN I GAVE UP!!! SO DID ALMOST ALL THE SHOPS IN TOWN!!!!
  10. Well the new cdi didnt fix it, still cuts out around 5 or 6 grand. I noticed it sputters a little while accelerating too. Im going to check the timing. How about the valves? Clearence off, bent valve, etc.?? Or does anyone think the shop jetted it wrong? I have not ever jetted before, my lack of time and experience was why they did it in the first place. Or should i just take it to a shop and save myself the hassel??
  11. well i will have to give you two a shout next time we head that way, we would love to ride some trails over there, sounds like something we would like to see!
  12. Every once and a while. We (my girlfriend and i) have never been over their to ride. Didnt know of anywhere to go that was good. But we were wanting to make a few trips out of town this summer (little sahara and white wash dunes ut. and maybe a trip to wy. ) Their is quite a bit of riding around here so its hard to Justify leaving but we like different terrain . Is there some good riding that way?
  13. ive always ran 91 in my dirt bike and 4 wheeler even in the sand dunes which i hear is harder on motors because more throttle is used. Im not a mechanic whatsoever but 91 or 93 should be ok. any one else feel free to disagree though, wont hurt my feelings lol
  14. I have a real good feeling that the cdi is the problem. I actually got the manufacturer (ricks motosport elec.) to warranty it by going around the dealer in town and the supplier they got it from and contacting them direct. They where real nice and understanding. I will see in about a week if that will fix the problem. Thanks for everyones input and help with this issue!!!!!!
  15. any ideas how to check the cdi? i dont have the old one. Any ideas where to get a good deal on a stock cdi

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