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  1. first off, a thousand miles isn't many miles. Yes the oil needs to be changed on a regular basis as Billy stated. The 400 engine is weak which is why Honda made the changes with the 420 engine, higher compression, larger valves and EFI. If you just want a good quad to ride and it hasn't been beat to death, it should be a very dependable atv.
  2. Congrats. on the very good looking Kodiak. My wife has an 05 450 and it's been a work horse. I have had three Kodiaks and loved them. We just had to have the top end rebuilt on the wife's Kodiak. It had 4,300 miles on it and has been ridden in a lot of dust since it was new. Keep an eye on your air filter and make sure it is sealed good with grease where the rubber seal and the air box meet. I am working on adding a rubber washer to the air box to apply more pressure to the seal, along with grease. The CVT belt was also replaced when we rebuilt the engine, it was the orginal. It still wasn't worn much but was stretched.
  3. I enjoy trail riding in different areas of the country. Have been as far west as South Dakota and rode the Black Hills. Also have been to Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia,Florida, Wisconsin and my most recent trips we rode around 750 miles in the U.P. of Michigan. I used to ride a lot of technical trails but now just enjoying the sights and sounds of the country. Any riding is good but this is my choice.
  4. Tire Balls are really for competition only. They prevent a flat from a broken seal at the wheel. If you ride mostly very rocky trails they might also be a good investment. You can have one ball go flat and still ride. They ride very rough and all of the shock is transferred to the quads suspension, and of course, the rider. With the tire balls you can rip a tire and keep on trucking, as long as the rip isn't too bad.
  5. I agree with the Maintenance points that have been made. There are guys that can tear up an anvil with a rubber hammer. ATVs don't last long for them. My wife has a 05 Yamaha Kodiak with 4300 miles on it. We just had to have the engine rebuilt but not because of a lack of maintenance or abuse. The air filter in the Yamaha's just drops into the air box. You have to grease the rubber seal to keep air from getting between the filter and the intake. Well it's a very poor system and we ride in a lot of dust most of the time and dust gets into the intake and eats up the rings and cylinder. I am working on coming up with a better system after dropping $1,000 in the engine, but that is still cheaper than $7,000+ for a new quad. My point is, anything can cause wear on a quad, mud being the biggest enemy. If you ride in a lot of mud, your up-keep will be higher for brakes, bearings and if water gets into the engine, well, that can be big. Take care of a quad, service it properly, ride it like you didn't steal it, and it should last many years.
  6. Pugdog at this link Southernillinoiatv.com • Portal builds the audio tubes for sale. I don't know anything about them but will try to get you some info. Here is another link http://www.atvtrailtunes.com/ This is "Trail tunes" sales site.
  7. Cutter


    Thanks for the warm reception, you guys make me feel at home.
  8. If you get a late model Bruin you can get IRS. The Kaw. has a straight axle. That is one consideration. I have owned four Yamahas and they were all very good quads. I haven't had a Kaw. but many of my friends swear by them. Your doing the right thing, take your time and research then buy the one that best fits your needs.
  9. You will love the Arctic Cat. I have had two of them and never had any problems, except when I flipped my 700 end over end down Little Black Mountain in Ky. Rider error, not the Cats fault. I have some friends who have two AC400's and they love them, no problems from either and they have some miles on them. Congrats. on the new ride, it's a beauty.
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    Buck Billy told me about this site so I just stopped by to say hello. Great site with a lot of information. Hope to visit often.:seeyac:

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