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  1. What voltage should be coming out of each leg of the stator? Also what kind of reading should I be getting from the pickup coil as I rotate the engine??
  2. I’m having the exact same issue. Might have to bite the bullet and try replacing mine. Will post what I find
  3. Hate to question you Tom, but I’ve been reading thread after thread on this issue, and everyone is saying there should be 12v on the green/white wire. I’ve got a single spark issue. It sparks when I have 12v on the green wire, but doesn’t when I lose the 12 volts, but it comes back if left disconnected for 5-10 seconds. Checked every ground, jumped things out, hate replacing parts because it doesn’t seem to have helped anybody except one I’ve read about. Regarding that wiring diagram above, could someone post something more complete? 2nd post. Gonna be hard to hit 10 posts any time s
  4. Im Having very similar issues with a 94 bayou 400. Single spark, then nothing. What kind of reading should you get off the pickup coil??? Any special techniques to testing it? Mine has nothing with the key off, with the key on it sits at 122 ohms, with it hooked up to nothing, which I thought was odd. When cycling the engine the reading was 5-550.

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