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  1. UPDATE: Turned out to be a bad CDI. Relaxed and starts up everytime. No more intermitant issues
  2. got one of them projects too. one of these days it'll be complete..... maybe
  3. reminds me of a place I go hunting... so long to wait for next season
  4. looks like a great idea... where'd you put the head unit
  5. Jason Hatton-Fearnley

    we've all tried to wheelie once....
  6. worst part is that helpless feeling.... watching it bounce down the hill and hoping it'll get hung on a tree .
  7. damn.... makes my own hand hurt just looking at that.
  8. looks like it could eat swamp mud for breakfast lunch and dinnrer
  9. have a 1996 bayou 400 with a starting problem when checking sparkplug grounded to engine -turn key on, hit starter, get one spark then nothing -turn key off and back on hit starter, get one spark then nothing Any ideas
  10. One that is pull start only could be a few problems, Bad starter button, bad starter relay, bad starter.
  11. awesome looking back country... where was this taken?
  12. got a temperamental bayou 400 sometimes starts most time not. currently gets one spark once you turn on the key and hit the starter then nothing. turn it off and back on get one spark again and then nothing anyone run into this?

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