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  2. ...So far so good. I have the engine temp on my display all the time now. It's only in the 40's here at this time of year so we'll see how it does come June/July... Big thanks to the person that shared the service manual on this site!!
  3. The radiator fan was kicking in way too often. I'd heard the newer machines are designed to run hotter, (for emissions I believe) so I didn't pay too much concern to that. The other item of note was that the maximum temp it would hit was increasingly higher. By the time I drove it into the shop it was blowing white smoke... The cylinder was so warped I could see daylight under the machinist straight edge. Had the head cleaned & checked at a machine shop. Since I was replacing the cylinder I decided to do a new piston kit as well. Everything new (per the service manual) from Polaris came out to around $500. As far as the warranty... Maxwell Smart said it best - "Missed it by that much!"
  4. My best guess was a bad T-stat. After the tear down, every component was inspected and/or replaced, including T-stat & pump impeller. She runs closer to 185° now. Previously ran over 200° at an idle. Even the smallest thing can effect the engine temps.
  5. ...Finally got my 10 post threshold & DL'd the service manual. Thanks!!
  6. I'm working on a 2018 Sportsman 570 and found in the service manual that there are two different torque methods for the head bolts depending on whether the bolts are silver or black. Well, silver bolts came out of my engine and I'm going to be replacing them with new bolts, however the parts fiche doesn't specify bolt color or that there is even an option!?! Has anyone on here been through this before and can offer insight?? TIA
  7. There are some hidden gems at H.F. I bought a 'No-Name' angle grinder about 20 years ago from them and it's still going strong. Mainly used for grinding aluminum rivets out of the skidoo front ends or for removing the skin off my knuckles FAST!!
  8. ...Following. I have a few holes I'd like to fill in on some camo fenders.
  9. FB is my 'goto' for ATV's & parts. I've joined a few brand specific groups & folks are usually pretty good about shipping parts to Ak.
  10. I bought a used 2017 Outty 1000r and have been hearing about folks melting plastics due to excessive heat near the pipe. It's winter here & I've been plowing my drive for a couple months without heat issues. I'd like any input if this will be a problem come summer?!? TIA
  11. Well, it overheated then started blowing white smoke!! I have it torn down & the cylinder appears to be warped. Going to have the head checked out next but in the meanwhile... Does anyone have the torque sequence/specs for the head bolts?? TIA
  12. Thanks for adding this manual... Now I'm working on my 10 post authentication.

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