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  1. my big bear has a problem shifting. it goes into first fine but sometime i have to try to shift a couple times to get it in 2nd and 3rd gear. could the clutches be bad what all could it be? Thanks
  2. a couple people said to split the case and go to the car wash and spray the inside of the motor. i figure that would mess somethin up. what should i do. i split the case and started messin around kinda lookin for dirt but didnt really see or pick none up. only one thing fell out when i took it apart but that was easy to put back in.
  3. :huh:i need to split the right side of the case according to the yamaha dealership to make sure i have no dirt or anything in the engine before i put my cylinder back on since i got it bored over. do i have to worry about anything just falling out it i just pull it off. someone told me to get a pressure washer and soap and spray the hell out of it and itll take any dirt or anything out. will it hurt anything or what is your ideas on the subject thank yall.
  4. i know its not stolen i got it from my friend i grew up with i ended up talkin to the guy who they got if from which i found out was my friends grandfather. he used it on his land to ride around on. but he told me all about it. and its a 94. i got my cylinder bored. it was bored alread to .75 and the yamaha dealership said that it was so worn out the cylinder wasnt round anymore it was egg shaped. so the bored it to 1.00 now i just gotta get the piston and rings and ill be set. the guy at the dealership told me it would be best to open up the right side of the case and drain all oil out and make sure theres no dirt or grime sittin on the bottom of the case. so hopefully ill have it running again.
  5. i dont have the title. i just have a bill of sale.
  6. its a 1994 yamaha big bear 350 all time 4wd. atleast the guy i got it from said he thinks its a 94. ist there a way i can find out for sure what year it is? cause i looked for a sicker on the frame but its not there.
  7. around how much would it cost for a valve job and how hard is it to do all this?
  8. where could i get another jug or whatever you wanna call it. cause its already bored over. i dont think i can bore it anymore.
  9. my big bear is smoking. a guy i know said i when it does that and i just replace the rings it will end up doing it again. he aslo told me i would need another piston and have to get it bored. would just replacing the rings and getting it honed fix the problem or what? any advise is appreciated thanks

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