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  1. I owned a Toyota 4x4 since '87 and gave it to a friend a year ago.Too many gates closing,due to 1% of the idiots that ruin it for everyone.Friends have quads so I switched and enjoy it a ton!!! Takes up less room in the garage too!!
  2. Took off a few panels,checked a bunch of wiring colors,still can't find it.I'm so close,its probably staring me in the face.
  3. No pics yet of the hole unit togethor.Always take my camera and forget to use it.I'll check my other computer,may have something on there.
  4. Can't find my speed sensor for 04 Kodiak 450.Someone sent me a drawing of its area,but not sure what I'm looking for.My Haynes manual doesn't even mention the speed sensor.How hard is it to get too??My speedo is reading "0" and need to check it out.
  5. I've got an '05 crewcab 2500HD.Quad and camp gear in the box and my 09 27ft Prowler on the hitch....Love it
  6. Nice place here. I like an active website.:biggrin:Ride a '04 Kodiak 450 and love it.

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