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  1. When replying to an IM @ work the word "wonderful" is one typo away from a HR issue. (look at your keyboard at the letter one over from the letter "L") I just did this today and caught it *right* before I sent it in and IM to a co-worker. lol
  2. I'll be heading out there in a month or so. w00t.
  3. If you get them from Rocky Mountain Atv now you can get them for $395 with free shipping and a $50 instant savings. $345 aint bad....and it's shipped for that.
  4. I hear you. I ride sand about that much a month. If I were you I would buy paddles at all and just rent them when I got there.
  5. It's only $80, not $160. It's only $40 a tire difference.
  6. That's kinda my point though, people spend money on things that make horsepower, just to take it away with heavier tires. They'll spend $300 on an exhaust and $200 on cams and throw a set of heavier tires when there's only a $80 difference between the 22x11x10 Sand Star's and the same sized Skat Trak Edges. [these prices were pulled from Rocky Mountain ATV's website for a 450r.]
  7. I could have used "stupid" but we'll get to that later. They suck because they are heavy compared to a comparable buffed tire and they split, but most importantly because they are heavy. Ask most people who are serious about sand riding and they'll tell you that Sand Stars aren't any good for serious torque or horsepower. Anyone who has had a set for a while (myself included) will find that they start splitting right in the middle of the "v". Let's talk about weight, everyone knows that if you free up unsprung weight it = free horsepower, so why do people spend all this money on pipes, programmers, cams and filters only to throw a set of heavy Sand stars on even heavier SS rims. That is just plain stupid. You can get the same "V" pattern on a shaved tire and still have the same "flickability" of the heavier-molded Sand Stars. Don't take my word for it though, ask around the other "dunatic" forums and you'll quickly see that people stray away from sand stars once they find out what is best. I agree with you that there's a lot of people who like them - they're not as expensive as Skat Trak's "Edge" but IMO you get what you pay for.
  8. Try rocky mountain atv...and don't get the sand star's - molded tires suck. Get the angle paddle skat traks.
  9. Oh, also December 2009 is the last release of QUAD Magazine. We might want to change the prizes...
  10. My buddy Danny skimming his 700r: Danny Skims 400 Feet at Sand Hill ATV in Wiggins, MS He does it like nothing! Here's another good one highlighting why you should were a helmet. Yeah, that's me. [ame] [/ame]Thanks for watching!

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