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  2. I have an 07 TRX450ER for sale, motor has 8 to 10 hr's since complete rebuild quad is very fast and well taken care of gettin to old to race (46) . any and all parts will be included with deal/ have over $17,000 invested will take $6,000 firm 07 TRX 450ER 14/1 CP piston/ +1 valves intake & exhaust/ 208 web cam/ High Rev valve springs/ potred & polished/bored carb by DASA/ DASA Classic exhaust / Leagers +2 MX Lt a-arms/ Ohlins Lt front & Fox Podium X DSC Rear shock and LSR DC-6 linkage/LSR duel row carrier/ G-Force axle/ Pro Armor skid & rear bumper/ Hiper Bead locks/ Quadcross Pro's/ Houser +1 stem/ Denton duel stablizers/ Pro Taper Fat bars/ ASV levers/ Quadtech hump seat
  3. Dude that is sick!!! i would love to ride it. would like to have one but not going to cut up my TRX450. Where did you get you front sprocket retainer, got to have one!
  4. You are no outcast, my other ride is an 07 700 Grizzly!!
  5. Sounds ;ike trash in the needle and seat and fuel bowl, clean out the fuel bowl and check the needle and seat replsce if necessary.
  6. This is a picture before i received the number graphics from Dynamic graphics and the new Lt front end. Sorry Mike and Kristen. next entry will have your stuff on it.
  7. Your right there are still a lot of jumps i won't do that i know i can make its just when you get older i guess you just don't have the brass ones to take the chance.
  8. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxnN6tKaDPc]YouTube - PICT0001.AVI[/ame] [ame] [/ame]
  9. I was running the Elkas and houser front at that time.
  10. Its so cold mine won't crank, going to have to pull it off to get started the first time talk to you later fixin to leave.
  11. Thanks Dynamic Graphics for outstanding work couldn't be more pleased with the product!!
  12. Well loading up for a day or practice at LoneLake MX it is freakin cold 28 right now, going to have 4 or five others to ride with today if nobody wusses out, will have the helmet cam on takink some video will post later, HAPPY NEW YEARS everybody!!!:biggrin:
  13. You can ride at this level, just gas it and go!!!

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