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  1. well ill keep looking and see what i can find for the cheapist prices. Thanks
  2. Got a 2005 Arctic Cat 500, Its automatic, and 4x4. I have stock 25" tires right now but i am looking to go to at least a 26" but maybe a 27". been checking out tires and reviews and like the maxxis mud buggs, what do you guys think? I know on 650's you have to upgrade the belt, do i require this mod also? Other than mud bugs what are good tires for mud/ trails at a descent price?
  3. Thanks Swampcat, if you could pics and measurments would be great
  4. My bike is auto and im wanting to get an aftermarket pipe anyway so i just want the best set up i can get for the best prices. its a 2005 arctic cat 500, 2x4/4x4, automatic. thanks.
  5. I have a 2005 Arctic Cat 500 4x4 and I am wanting to install a snorkel kit, pipe and a pipe extender and i was just wanting some input on the best way to go about this and different types that would be best. Thanks
  6. The water wasnt deep enough to touch the coil. Which is why i am not sure what the problem could be.
  7. I have a 2005 Arctic cat 500. I got into a little water and the motor died. Fouled the plug.Was gonna try and flush the engine by changing the oil multiple times. After changing the first time and installing new plug the engine still will not fire. ANY IDEAS??
  8. Thanks, i cleaned out my carb and cleaned the float and needle real good and now its good as new.
  9. I just bought 2005 Arctic Cat 500i 4x4 and noticed that when it is running or after it is shut off it leaks gas out of the bottom of the carb. any ideas?

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