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  2. Yea I can read plugs. Thats what I planned on doing if I didnt get any responses. Just figured Id ask to see what everyone else was running. Thanks bud
  3. whats up guys just wanted to get some opinions on jetting. My bike has a fmf powercore 4 slip-on, k&n air filter with prefilter, and I have been running the bike with the lid off. Ever since i added the k&n filter and ran the bike with the lid off it sounds like the bike has been running a bit lean. I put the lid back on and it seems a little better. The previous owner had told me there was a jet kit installed but the guy was definitely a tool so Im not taking his word for it. I havent had a chance to take the carb out and check the jet sizes but I'd like some opinions on what jets I should run with the add-ons. I also plan on adding a revbox and a few other goodies. Any opinon's or suggestions would be great. Thanks
  4. alright thanks man. I think Im just going to buy the factory tach that comes on the bajas and get that to work. Like I should have did in the first place lol. Thanks again
  5. my bike is a 2001. I ended up getting the tach to work. but turns out the tach only works for 4,6,8 cylinders so when my bike is at about 5000rpms it only shows about 2500 on the tach. I spliced the green wire into the spark plug wire. So Im going to start looking for a tach that works on single or twin cylinder engines. Thanks for the help
  6. whats up guys i just got a question about a tach that i just bought. I kno the newer ds 650 bajas come stock with a tach but I bought a tach from autozone today that works with a distrubutorless ignition like every bike. The tach has 4 wires. a ground, power, wire for light, and the green wire which is what detects the rpms. i tried putting it EVERYWHERE on the ignition except any of the wires that come out of the cdi box. Anyone know where I should put that green wire? Or does anyone know where the wire for the factory tach on the ds 650 bajas go? please help i dont want the money I just spent on the tach to be a waste. I mounted the tach and everything
  7. Just looking for somefront fenders and denfer supports. for a 2000-01 ds 650. Let me know if you have some. Thanks
  8. I will tell you one thing.....can-am/bombardier has definitely earned my respect. I have always been a kawi/suzuki guy and i just recently picked up my first bombardier (ds 650). This has been by far the most reliable quad I've had. The engine is bulletproof and has plenty of balls. I was a little shaky at first about getting a bombardier due to lack of dealerships and lack of aftermarket parts for a 2000-2001 ds 650's. After riding the bike a few times those downfalls dont really matter to me anymore. The bike is awesome and is much better in the trails than I thought it would be. Definitely would recommend the ds 650 to any experienced rider that feels squished on any other bike.
  9. that is just what i needed. she will b gettin her first oil change pretty soon. sucks that it takes almost 3.5 qts. almost as much as a 4 cylinder from a car lol. thanks man!
  10. Whats goin on guys I just recently got a 01 bombardier ds 650. First bombardier I've had. I just have a question about the oil. I know it has a dry sump system and you have to drain the oil can then the oil from the motor. after everything is drained and new oil filter is in, how much oil goes in the can and how much goes in the motor itself? I know the entire thing takes about 3.17 qts of oil. Also in the service manual it says not to run synthetic oil but I have used synthetic in my kfx450r that i had before. Have any of you guys used synthetic in your ds's? Let me know ASAP because my bike needs an oil change. Thanks!

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