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  2. 2000 quad master 500 runs great but has developed a oil leak from a hole under the water pump. not a bad leak but a slow drip.
  3. yes sir. i would have never had guessed that one. i cleaned the fuel tank,carb,and plug and made no difference. so i asked a local rider that said he had the same problem and it ended up being the battery. so i charged the battery overnight (it was dead) and the next day fired it up and it ran like a charm.
  4. wow 41 veiws and no help for a new guy. anyway i found the answer from a local atv guy. it was a low battery. runs great now
  5. hello and thanks for reading. i have just recieved a 2000 suzuki quad master 500 it has 1200 miles on it and it needs help. first off the reason i got it for cheap is that the starter reduction gears broke the block where they mount so it has to be pull started. after getting it home i made sure all the metal peaces were removed from inside the stator cover. then i put it all together and started it up. it will idle but if i rev it up it will stumble and back fire real bad. i have cleaned the spark plug and the carb and the air filter. it looks like the cdi box has been replaced i can see butt conectors and bare wire( somebody did a bad job). could this be a timming issue? how do i check time?. any help would be great and no i dont have any manual.

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