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  2. At my age every morning is a good morning so good morning to you all:yes:
  3. Do you have the 2003 Kawasaki KFX 400 service manual. I see on the thread but I can't down load it. I need to know how to adjust the drive chain. Thank you Sarge
  4. I had the dealer change the oil on two of my three cats, ouch! How acurrate are the manuals I down loaded?
  5. I'm partial to Arctic Cat. so far very dependable and my dealer has been good to me also, but as one member points out there is good and bad in all of them
  6. How does the idle sound? if too high can cause the grinding , had that happen with mine
  7. Texasrapier: you make an excellent point in your comment on"support." I'm just a casual rider in the high country of wyoming so competition is something I know nothing about but it does bring notority to a specific product. I have a grandson that loves these things and would love to compete. the cat has provided good service and a whole lot of fun.
  8. I thought I was the only cat tamer here. Welcome... I need to learn a whole lot too got to add a pic of the prowler we bought even has a radio and Ipod hook up We're jammin and riding.
  9. What to buy is really a personnal preference, I like and have the Arctic cats 2011 700cc prowler with stereo, 650 utility, 250 utility and Kfx400 Kawasaki 2003 model. all do the job I want from hauling stuff to hauling ass:laugh:
  10. Sarge


    There is a certain time of the year that mud is no fun spring time in Wyoming. To darn cold and I'm to old for cold not mud
  11. I have so far been a summer rider, but how well will these batteries take the cold over a 24 hour period. In fact if I left them in will I be buying batties every spring:confused:
  12. Sarge


    Any problems after you got it out?
  13. Sarge


    My grandson found some mud around the watering hole for cattle today reallyzing that other than dirt and water the cow poo increased the viscosity and got stuck. /Grandma was not happy we me and the boy:skeptic:, couldn't stop laughing at the sight of that kid covered in green slime:wink:
  14. Winter is about to dump on us here in the rockies and I would likto servivce the bikes. last winter I just pulled the batteries, but now I want to change the oil and coolant. the thread for service manules isn't responding now. Give me an idea of what I'm in for to just change the oil on a 250 and 650 both are 08s.
  15. The fuel cleaner fixed the problem for now, Thanks for the tip Mike and Josh

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