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  2. ok and how test it? because i thought on the TP sensor¡
  3. all is clean since air filter until tho body trottle...
  4. yes, work good the fuel pump, i have a cuestion, if is posible change the mixture in this sistem the FI? because you are right there is a rich mixture the sperk is very black Or some sensor is bad
  5. yes it push fuel: the atv road but only 2 mill x hr aprox not has force
  6. thank for reply as quick....i had chekd various think, is 2007 and i dont know much over fuel injection. and review the manual..measures,volts etc but the truth im losted-- change the fuel pump and not passing nothing
  7. hi if already test the wires until batery,,,and continuity in the switch that activate the light on the motor lookfor a small black thing it is a diode quit and probe it with the ohmmeter.... or jumper the connector with an wire piece....luck
  8. hi, i have a problem with this atv, now the motor works but hasn´t force i changed tue fuel pump and continuous equal somebody help me¡¡¡
  9. Hi stoopidbooth1 yuo´re rigth my atv is 450r 2005
  10. Thank you for help me¡¡ and yes this model only has a kick start for model put me see one more time on its labels
  11. Hi friends have a problem with my atv¡¡ it no start moro because there isn't spark what will be¿ put a new spakr plug and nothing the swiths are ok¡ give me some idea plase..... THE RESISTANCE IN NEXT WIRES I DONT KNOW IF IS OK (this wires are of stator which feed to the CDI) WIRE WHITE/RED DASHED BLACK=36.9 OHM WHITE/WIRE BLUE=8.4 OHM HOW I DO IT FOR TO CHUCK THE CDI FO THIS PROBLEM
  12. The warrior is 2000 also i have test with liquid starter and nothing
  13. Hi¡¡¡ who can help me with my atv already i've checked almost all it has spark,so much compression 150psi, only i believe q is the stator i quit it and has 214 ohms the pulser and other coil 1925 ohms i not have specs neither nothing......

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