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  2. did not notice the age of this thread , but thought it was a good question that needs to be answered. i would like to know for sure myself, maybe some one else will jump in an shine a light on this
  3. i have made an attempt to find the difference (3mm stroke) the cylinders are the same heigth, the pistons are the same from pin location to deck, the only thing i found was the 750 rod is about 1.5 mm shorter than a 650rod, did not have a 650 crank out of cases to be able to put into v blocks an set up to measure the throw, will have in the near future, as i have a 650 engine to tear down with a bad crank to build for a spare, an several 750 cranks laying around
  4. that bushing is only avaible to dealers for factory warranty replacement , i have heard that a shop in lolouisana thats taking the buching out an kurling it then pressing back in an line boring it, also talked with a man in tenn thats trying to get a aftermarket bushing to work, they are already doing the cranks an rods useing toyta main bearings
  5. there are somore optoins to look at , some are taking the value adjustment covers off the intake of each cyl,an having a pipe barb either welded, or tapped into them to relive some of the crank case press from the bottom end, some just run the vent on up to the pod with a pvc value on the end an blocking off where it goes on the air box, oil in the airbox is not an uncommon issue. mine will do it when i ride long water wheelies, or run wfo over 100yds, i did the value cover mod on mine an havent had any problems since

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