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  2. My 1999 Sportsman 500 since new has had very few issues during the 16+ years I have owned it so it has been a fantastic machine! The problem showed up a number of months ago during hunting season and in essence once you start to ride it and then stop, it wants to continue to creep forward and makes it difficult to shift gears and there is a bit of grind when you do. Runs fantastic and seem to be no other problems with power to the wheels in 2WD/4WD so the only time you notice it is when you stop and especially if you need to change gears. I am looking for a starting point on where the problem could be. Appreciate any help! Craig
  3. Thanks Dakota Demon! The late 2004 model was the first without a standalone relay for fan control and the fan control is part of the "Logic Box" module and since there is no testing procedure to check the module i was hoping that others have experienced the same sort of problem and the Logic Box fixed their issue. Thanks again for the support! Craig
  4. Hi all, My Late 2004 Sportsman 500 fan runs with the ignition off and is not running to the normal speed. I had to disconnect the battery to shut off the fan. Looking at the wiring diagram it appears that the SSCB No. 1 is the only possible source of the issue. I assume this is also called the ECM but not possitive. Has anyone else seen this type of issue and is the SSCB need to be replaced or is there other items like dirty connections that may be the source of the issue. Thanks! Craig
  5. My friend's 325 has a loose A Arm on both sides of the front and you could tell that there was a rubber or poly bushing that was virtually non-existent on both sides. I order the flat bushings that appeared to be the missing spacer but they were actually the metal bushings. Looking at the manual for my 500 sportsman it appears that there is a "long bushing" and wondering if anyone knows if that is the one with the rubber or poly end on it. Also any tricks to doing a quick change out instead of full disassembly of the front suspension? Thanks for the help!
  6. I received a recall back in late 2007 (service bulletin R-07-07) regarding an engine mount failure that causes the engine and transmission to become misaligned and cause the drive belt to wear abnormally. Well, being the procrastinator that I am, I missed the warranty period. When the first belt went out i requested the dealer to install the recall but they failed to find it and I did not have my paperwork (recall) with me. My drive belt failed again this weekend 2 years to the day from the previous one and other friends Rangers appear to get much more time/mileage out of their belts. Questions: is there an easy way to check to see if the mount is broken and is the frequency of replacing a belt every 2 years (no hard use of the ranger, pretty much a family truckster)? Thanks!
  7. One of the struts appears to have leaked out all fluid and only the spring is providing suspension. looking at the online parts list it was not clear if the full strut can be replaced without extensive teardown of the front end. Questions: can the struts be overhauled and would it be best to have it done by an authorized repair facility (yes, slightly challenged...) or does it need to be replaced? Would assume I would want to replace or overhaul both sides, concur?? Thanks!
  8. Mike, thanks for the response. The belt has very little time on it and is in good shape. You can see where the drive pulley is hitting the housing and causing the grinding noise. I can loosen the alignment bracket underneath the housing and it will cause the pulley to hit the housing continously. I bought the sportsman new in Oct 98 and have just under a 1000 hrs on it with virtually no trouble other than a couple electrical issues and this issue which I just have put up with over the last few years. it is mostly annoying and does not cause any performance issues. Still runs like a champ!
  9. The drive belt pulley has been grinding against the belt housing for quite some time (long time). I was able to adjust the bracket at the bottom of the housing to keep it from grinding under normal operation but under high torque conditions it grinds and especially during shutdown of the engine. I have been unable to find a spot in the adjustments that works for all operation. Has anyone else dealt with this? I am thinking that there might be something amiss in the engine mounts or something. Any help would be appreciated!

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