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  2. Yeah, the mounts are good, it only has about 5 hours run time on it believe it or not. A buddy of mine bought in 07 took it to Tennesee, rode it twice, brought it back home and he put it up. It sat until just recently when I got it off of him
  3. To get from A to B in a fun and dangerous way. YEEHAWWWW
  4. I have a 2007 250 Gator (utility). Does anyone else with the 250's have any problem with vibration. Mine runs pretty good except for a little hesitation, but it has quite a bit of vibration, feels like riding and old Harley. It really shakes from slow to fast. I dont know if this is normal, its the first Kazuma I've owned.
  5. Does anyone know about the led lights on a Gator. Mine arent working. Its an automatic so I think they might be for forward and reverse, possibly a temperature light. I dont know why there arent working. If anyone knows anything about them I would appreciate some info. Thanks
  6. Maybe you could tell me why my Kazuma Gator 250 doesnt have much hillclimbing torque. It runs great, just not much torque

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