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  2. Oh yea we know the bearings. The rear end bearings are wobbly. Been working on the gremlins in the bike. I have a noise in the motor that's been there since I got it. Friend said it's either piston slap or the cam/lifters need adjusted bad.. Was thinking I should find another quad but my friend thinks this one will be going for a while. Just need to work on it some.
  3. Well got the rotor off. Two of the bolts came out pretty east. The other two that I messed with before was rough to get out. I was able to get one by beating a bigger allen into it. The other was some grinding on the bolt and grabbing it with vise grips. Bought some new bolt to at the hardware store. Now I have a problem with the front left brake caliper. The slider bolt wouldn't move. Had to use a c clamp to push it back so I could get the caliper back on with the new pads. Was hoping after I pushed it back that it might free up and go back out. But not moving at all. Thinking I'll have to pull the caliper off the quad and heat the slider bolt up and hope to get it loose. Pull it apart and give it a proper cleaning. We tried spraying Seaform Deep Creep in there but didn't move still.
  4. Don't have any heat. Tried the tightening trick but it didn't work. I guess I'll have to get it over to my friends garage. I know he has a torch.
  5. I replaced the pads on the back of my Warrior late of last year or early this year. Can't remember when exactly. Apparently I bought some crappy pads cause I wore them out already and messed up the rotor some. I have a new rotor and pads to put on but I have a problem. I can't get the Allen Wrench bolts to break loose. I am hoping someone can tell me there is a trick to getting them loose. I could see my allen wrench twisting trying to get them loose. Actually messed up the bolts some.
  6. Ok I was reading a problem you have. Mine had a problem with idle and got worse as it got hot. Found something simple wrong with mine. Check the intake boot between the carb and head. Mine had a crack in the rubber. The worse the crack got the worse it would run. Sucking air like crazy. Check that intake boot!
  7. I don't know why but I can never see anything listed in the classifieds. Except when they are pointed out directly or part of the latest posts. But onto these ATVs. I believe the people posting these are some kind of scam artist. The latest post listing shows these twice in two different locations. I even seen something like this on Craigslist. They usually get taken down within a few hours.
  8. Well he's been riding about as long as I have on a quad. We used to ride dirt bikes about 20 years ago. We've had our Warriors about a year now. I did have a 85 Suzuki lt185 for a little bit before I got my Warrior. I had flipped it a few times but kept riding. Haven't flipped the Warrior yet. But yes I believe pussy is the right word for him.
  9. Well he's only one of my friend around here right now with an atv so he is the only person for me to ride with. Don't want to go alone cause of the classic reason. What if something happens. I got a friend that is trying to get an atv but his money is real tight right now. Doesn't help that his ol lady just had a kid a few months ago.
  10. I swear I need a new riding buddy. He wants to ride but doesn't want to really ride. "It's muddy out there, I don't want to get muddy" a few mud puddles here and there and he acts like it's gonna kill him. "I don't wanna get wet" Well your gonna get wet if we ride at the river or in the creek About a month back I rode through deep enough water that I filled my air box. Some people came along and helped me get it running again and showed us how to get to the other side of the river. My friend refused and went back to his truck then went home. I kept riding. Last week we was riding the same place I got through the way the other guys showed us but he didn't pay attention. He submarined his cause he didn't pay attention. And he was done. He didn't want to ride anymore. Had to go back to the truck and go home. All he wants to really do is go up and down hills slowly. Maybe once in a while he'll open it up but most times I bet he doesn't go more then 5 or 10 miles an hour. Beginning to think I need to find more riders locally cause he just can't handle what the ATV is made to do.
  11. Well the voting started over for the month. let's get those votes up there.
  12. 2nd place 6 votes down at the time of this post.
  13. Um I voted and we are stuck in second place
  14. Anyone ever went riding somewhere to find a movie set around? A classic western named Sand Prairie was shot in the area I was riding today. I just didn't make it to see the set. I ever make it that way I'll take some pictures. Sand Prairie - A Classic Western
  15. Hey wake up, We're in sixth place. I voted.
  16. Well I made a decision that he'll have to live with. I went with the 22X11X9. I read something that made me decide not to order the 25's. I knew it was harder on the low end and stuff like that. But didn't think about the bigger tires make higher center of gravity. Which translate to flipping it easier. Seen that the actual default tire size is 22X10X9 but I didn't see them listed anywhere.
  17. Well I'm not the one making the decision. The decision is my friend. He wants the the mud light. I just want to make sure they will go on the rim.
  18. My friend has a Yamaha Warrior 350 with ITP Holeshots. He keeps getting stuck cause they are flat track tires. We ride trails and creeks. He has been stuck in the creek a few times and he is finally ready for new tires. Right now he has 20X11X9 on it. I think the rim is 9 inches wide, maybe 9 and a half. The default size for the tire is listed as 22X11X9. We are looking to put a set of ITP Mud Lite AT ATV Tires on it. They have the tire in the default 22X11X9 but he really wants to get the 25X12X9. My question is will there be a problem using a 12 inch wide instead of a 11 inch wide tire. I don't think there really would be a problem but I want to be sure before I order the tires tomorrow morning for him. ITP-Mud-Lite-AT-ATV-Tire link
  19. Ok boys and girls don't forget to vote today.
  20. We got first back on my vote. Now if we could get more votes going.
  21. Voted, We need votes. We're in second place.
  22. Was at third when I went there and after I voted it was in first. Keep voted and keep us up there.
  23. The bottom of the site says Votes updated instantaneously, reset first day of each month, and you can vote once a day. I voted but I didn't see QC listed on the list.

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