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  2. Clean the carb, clean the carb, clean the carb! Don't just spray cleaner down its throat, take it off, completely disassemble it slowly taking time to record how many turns out the idle and air mixture screws are. Also, snap some pictures to refer back to when reassembling. Spray carb cleaner through every orifice, but make sure to wear safety glasses (experience), you never know where cleaner is going to shoot out when you spray into an orifice. It sounds like your pilot jet is plugged and this cleaning method is the only way to get it clean. Good luck and post back with questions for the group.
  3. That's one nice lookin '03..... But it would look even better with a natural shade of mud!
  4. I have not ridden more than a handful of different makes and models, but my favorite 2 stroke would have to be the LT 250R. I had this as my first quad and it was ridiculous the power it made (ok, it was bored .60 over, ported and polished, head milled .20 and had a Barnett clutch!). And as far as 4 strokes, I have only ridden 1, that would be my '86 230s Quad sport. It is light, easy to throw around, fairly quick, good on fuel, and it even has reverse!
  5. I have yet to try and find a leak, as you suggest. I do have a plug kit and soap mixture in a squirt bottle, as I am in construction and always finding nails! But the tires are showing signs of weather checking and don't appear to have must pliability left. I didn't think about the tube twisting though, very good point!
  6. $500? Thats $50 shy of my initial investment on this 230S!! Maybe I'll just throw a tube in the leaky one until I can put together that kinda of scratch... This hobby is a cash only venture for me, no credit or financing allowed (according to the boss)!!!
  7. I need to replace the front tires on my '86 Quadsport 230. What kind should I get, Radials or bias ply. I will be doing mostly turf riding in my hay field with 2-3 trips a year to trails up north with mixed terrain. The rear tires are Dick Cepek's that have a tread that looks like a combo of tractor tire and a turf tire. My riding style is not extreme, but can be mildly aggresive. Thanks for your input in advance, Rob.
  8. When you installed the carb kit, did it include new floats?? Even if you replaced the needle and seat, if the float doesn't float, then it will continue pushing fuel into the carb. An easy way to test them is to pull out the floats and drop them into a container of fuel to see if they are buoyant. If they aren't, replace the floats. If they are, you may need to adjust the arm controlling the needle and seat, or replace the needle and seat if it won't seal. Hope this helps.

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