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  2. Good morning, hope everyone has a great Saturday
  3. Got have a Mancave, I'll post some pictures after I get the roof sheathing on the weekend.
  4. I know it's been while, just wanted to stop in and say Hi. Sold a house, bought a house and building a garage. Made it out once this year to ride Buffalo Mountain, one of the Hatfield McCoy trails. Be safe out there.
  5. Good morning. Finaly Friday, heading to Wayne tomorrow.
  6. Sorry for the short notice, but three of us are heading up to Silver Lake Dunes in Michigan to ride Sept. 27th - 29th. If anyone is enterested hit me up.
  7. Welcoem to QC I'm from Thornville Ohio.
  8. The time has finaly arrived, loading up Tuesday night and heading to Silver Lake Dunes. Plan on riding Wednesday through Saturday night, come look us up if your in the area. Bright blue Toyota Tacoma crew cab, two YFZ's, one Raptor and one blaster. I'll post pictures once I get back.
  9. We all would stay home if we didn't want to roll a quad, it happens. Good thing you didn't get hurt.

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