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  1. Hi and welcome!
  2. Made my first trip to HM a couple weeks ago. We went to Ashland and rode the Indian Ridge trails. They were really nice.
  3. Good morning everyone! Im glad to have Monday out of the way....
  4. I believe the only adjustment is on the tie rod.
  5. What might cause the outside half of my right front tire to wear way faster than the inside or other tires? 07 650
  6. it really Monday already? Hope everyone has a great week!
  7. Hey....I wanna win this!
  8. Good morning everyone !Hope you all had a great day of riding Saturday !
  9. Hi and welcome !
  10. I needed something a little better to get into the woods and general yard work that my riding mower. I bought my wife a utility quad and I got a sport quad for myself. We have since both upgraded to larger bikes and just last weekend went to the Hatfield McCoy trails for a mini vacation. Should have done it long ago......
  11. Good morning and happy Friday ! Where is everyone riding this weekend?
  12. Tried to add my location in central Ohio but get a server error
  13. Good morning all!!!!