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  2. I just removed the carb on my 220 Bayou to find out why the choke wouldn't work, and why it wouldn't idle. I had to remove the choke cable with the carb because the choke plunger is froze in its port. It must be corroded in, because pulling on the cable wouldn't break it loose. I'm feeding penatrating oil in and around the plunger in an attemp to free it up. Has anyone experienced a stuck plunger, and how did you get it out??
  3. I've installed the rubber adapter, and it runs and idles without the choke!! I'm heading north with it for the holidays and will give it a good workout. We have 5 quads up north, and they drive me nuts keeping them all running right. I'll let you know if the adapter was the fix. John
  4. I think the rubber carb adapter between the carb and the cylinder may have had a crack in it! After taking the carb on and off three times, I noticed the adapter was actually ripping apart. I just got a new adapter Friday, but haven't installed it or tested it. I'll let you know. I hope the adapter resolves the problem. John
  5. My 1987 Trail boss will start with choke on, and then the choke must immediately be taken off to get the engine to run for 5 seconds only. If the choke is reapplyed when the engine is shutting down after burning its 5 second gulp of fuel from the choke, it will run for another 5 seconds and so on. I have removed and cleaned the carb twice without finding a problem or improving the problem. Each time I remove the carb, the bowl is full of fuel. Compression is 95 psi. It is only running on the fuel provided by continually applying the choke!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. My Prarie 400 runs all day in low range, but jumps out of high range engagement as soon as I accellerate. Where should I start??

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