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  2. I was going to paint and chrome all the trim on the truck but it's just not bad enough to need it right now so I'm just using it like grandpa did as a work truck. The frame and other parts are out for sand blasting,then to powder coat next week on the 200x. This will take longer to put back together because I have 3 other magazine projects to do first. One being a crazy twin 1100cc engine monster Brute Force. [ATTACH]1280[/ATTACH]
  3. Hi my name is Mickey Dunlap owner of Four Stroke Tech a high performance engine building business here in Pa. I enjoy building performance quads,ATC and UTV's,but I'm also here to help you with any engine problems you may be having also. I have been building engines of all kinds for 40 years,and while I admit I don't have all the answers I have seen a lot over the years and I might be able to help if you need some free info. I build a lot of magazine projects for ATV and UTV magazines and some prototype models for the factories. The next project I'm working on right now is a Kawasaki Brute Fo
  4. For those that don't know me my name is Mickey Dunlap owner of Four Stroke Tech. In the 80's I was one of the few that made a living racing 3 wheelers and in 1983 after winning 5 races against Team Honda they started helping me out in trade for being able to use my name in there win adds. In 1984 they gave me a full ride and this was one of my last ATC 200x's that I just got last Dec. on a trip to Washington state where I grew up. I flew out there to pick up my grand fathers 1969 Ford F-100 my mom sold me. I knew of this 200x for 20 years but the guy would never sell it to me,but my mom sweet
  5. I just read through this whole thread,and I think it should be titled "Stay away from 4 Stroke Tech,if you are a hot head". LOL At the first part of this thread he says he was warned about me. What that means is if you are a dick head to me and talk to me like dirt I'm not going to be nice to you. I build high performance motors because I like to,I enjoy it,I live for it! But if you are a hot head and start telling me how to run my business and try to push me to do something I can't do,then heed the warning and stay away. I don't like dealing with this kind of stuff and I may come across hars
  6. What is this? marioweldinginc: C'mon Diggin! Prove Dunlap wrong!
  7. When you rebuilt it did you put new valves in it,and how much time is on the new build?
  8. Not much to say today?Maybe because your pants are on fire!
  9. Most of the time the cam timing is off. Set the rear cylinder on TDC "R" for rear,and set your cam timing for that cylinder with the cam lobes down. Then take a 19mm wrench and place it at 12:00 on the fly wheel bolt on the left hand side and turn the motor over clock wise until about 9:00 and start looking in the inspection hole for TDC "F" for front,and set your cam time again with the lobes down. What happens with most people is the do this but when they start turning the motor over they see the TDC F but it's only at 3:00 and they set the cam there.It has to go past 3:00 thats why I say s
  10. Sumthin fishy all right,like the fact it was never started,you never rode it,blah,blah,blah. Yes they have to take it back apart and take the crank apart and put it back the way I sent it to you.
  11. Well as long as it shifts into 4th with out any noise you should be good.
  12. Well that sounds good,I guess. I dont know what you are talking about as far as a 5lbs sledge,I never damaged any thing. Im not sure you know what you are talking about as far as the crank,but the rod is clearanced for 4th gear not the counter balance so they better not have turned that around! These motor are tested and proven to last as good as a stocker. We raced them in the pro am GNNC races and won the championship with no problems.
  13. Well he has been on here,but hes not talking so thats not good.
  14. LOL,there you go again trying to tell me what to do,you would think by now you would know you can't do that! I think they will do a good job for you,just don't try pushing them to do it in your time frame.

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