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  2. My best Oops (read that: embarrassing) to date is the second time I had my Kazuma out to the Red River. I was coming down a pretty rutted out trail and my ride decided to explore the right side of the trail suddenly throwing me off to the left. The beautiful part was how I hit the horn twice real quick as I went down. Beep! Beep! The large group or RZRs sitting out in the sand were all quite amused.
  3. One thing's for sure - noone will be tailgaiting you on the way out to where you ride!
  4. Oww! Wish you the best of luck. A regular in our group was in a similar situation some time back and he's out in his RZR all the time now- racing it even.
  5. This must be a Kazuma "feature" - I noticed that my brand new Cougar 250 failed to start on me at one point which freaked me out a little considering (a) its new and (b) I was more than a comfy walking distance from camp out on the Red River. After fiddling with the key a bit and stamping on the brake pedal a bit it started right up. I didn't think much of it until reading your post - now I want to check out the brake pedal switch carefully.
  6. This weekend TORN Round 4 is being held at Legacy Farm NW of Springtown TX on June 9-10. See the event listing here. See the event website for more information here. A friend of mine is racing her Razr on Saturday around 5p so I'll be out there to support her. There's a charge to enter but I don't remember what it was for the last race - $10 or something like that per person.
  7. I just recently bought a new Kazuma Cougar 250 and was curious if anyone else is riding this make/model or having any issues. Admittedly I've done a poor job of perusing older posts. My experience to date has been satisfactory (ie not great but doable). The bulk of my issues I believe were dealer-related and specifically a complete lack of pre-delivery qc. Primarily my issues were: 1. Major crud in the gas tank. I'm still emptying out my filter periodically wishing to heck I'd thought to at least empty the tank out and blow it out or something. 2. Just about every lugnut was loose after ri

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