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  1. i finally had a chance to work on my king quad after burying it up to the handlebars in quick-sand i found in the back corner of a gravel pit pond, i did not break an axle as i was previously thinking, i tore up the rear differential, its bad enough i can grab the left axle and move the right axle with it, oops, oh well, its all part of playing, tomorrow i will tear the rearend down and see how bad i tore it up, as much strain as i had it in trying to break free i probably completely trashed the rearend!! at least the snorkel worked properly, did not get any water or sand inside my engine, transmission, front differential or rear differential, had it sitting buried up to the the top of the speedometer, the bike has been lifted, it was a little over 4 feet deep, all you could see was the top of the handlebars and the snorkel pipes sticking up, but, it never stalled out, it stayed buried and idled the whole time till we could get it out, took my honda rancher tied off to a tree with a double blocked winch cable and everything that 700 had to break free and pull out, was able to drive it back to the trailer, all in all i would say that was an awesome ride!!!! will be hopefully have it back in the game by tomorrow evening, definitely found out the 700 has plenty of power to tear itself up when you get it in a bind, with the axles upgraded to gorillas and custom built driveshafts the differentials are now the weak points, anyone have any ideas for armor tough differentials that will fit the 05 king quad 700, this bike is not stock, the original owner was in the middle of turning an almost new bike into a full blown mud drag bike when outside events made him give up on it and give me the bike, not sure the horsepower but i would not be surprised if it has 100 horses, stock parts are not tough enough
  2. I live in saucier Mississippi, I haven't drove my Jeep in almost 2 months!! I ride my quads everywhere!!
  3. I'm not upset at all!! We had a blast!!! It's been raining all day so haven't taken it apart yet, hopefully I didn't burn up the belt, if I did I did, all part of having fun!! Just wish I could get the videos to load so I could share the fun. They are recorded in the wrong format!! I can email them and I posted a couple to Facebook
  4. i finally managed to make it to the trails today, been trying four days to go!! this is the first time to really ride my king quad since i removed the fuel injection, other than just around the neighborhood. i took it out to the gravel pit, had one of my neighbors ride my honda so there was backup. both bikes done great ... until we got to the frog pond!!! i decided to take the trail through the back edge of the pond, got all the way around and then right as i was getting back into the pond i sunk it!! it went down to the handle bars, luckily I put a snorkel on when i put the carburetor on it!! it stayed running, but i never even thought of sealing the belt cover and running a snorkel of that!! it would not move in high range, would try to and just slip, in low range it would move as long as i didnt gas it too hard, just shut it down and towed it back, tomorrow im taking the bike apart and thoroughly cleaning and sealing everything, and replacing belt:aargh:
  5. not recommended for safety reasons, but, you can easily bypass the neutral safety switch by installing a starter button attached to the starter solonoid, ........ turn key on, push button, 4wheeler starts, btw it will crank in gear with the neutral safety switch bypassed
  6. o reillys is where i get most of my common parts
  7. our local super walmart even carries the oil filters for my suzuki and my honda just look in cross reference book hanging by the oil filters
  8. common parts, like fuel hose, in line filters and spark plugs and most models oil filters can easily be purchased at most local auto parts houses, big savings on both your wallet and time versus going to the dealer
  9. just go to your local auto parts house, buy replacement fuel hose same diameter, buy in line filter, you can get it cash and carry on the spot, it will work perfect, cost will be 10 bucks or less
  10. OK, i found the carb im going to use, its a holley 2 barrel, approx 400 cfm, i will fabricate permanent base to mount it, adjust the fuel flow or rejet it with slightly smaller jets to keep from washing the rings, this carb is more than capable of running this king quad to it full potential!!
  11. a couple of years ago i got the crazy idea to make a big air jump out at the gravel pit. i hit the top of the hill doing about 60mph, the jump was flawless except for the landing, i was coming down for a perfect landing too, except for the washout that i t-boned the front end into, 60 to dead stopped instantly, broke wrist, 4 broken ribs, had to ride back out after i was finally able to breathe again
  12. we are having storms hitting off and on today, they dont last long but they are dumping a lot of water, my bikes are loaded now, just rechecked the seals on the snorkels, oil, water, tires, and warmed em up, headed down to some flooded trails to ride the afternoon away today
  13. always good mud here, sometimes there is too much water to have mud, lol, not like im complaining, my machines think they are submarines anyway, lol
  14. welcome, what type of riding do you like? over here in south mississippi we get down and dirty in the deep mud

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