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  2. Since your netural light is on, probably not the issue, but try holding the rear hand break when you start it. had an loose wire with mine, netrual ground, where it wouldnt start unless I held the brake even if it was in netrual, but the light wasnt on. Just a thought. You should be able to trace the power with a multimeter from the switch to the starter pretty easily, just be glad its not a fuel air mixture issue.
  3. I have seen that scamatic, and it appears to have a rubber ring on the the end of the housing that the air filter fits around, mine doesnt have any kind of rubber ring on the end, but I can find just that part, the only filter I found online that has anything like a rubber gasket is this 96-99 Yamaha 350 Big Bear 2x4 UNI AIR FILTER NU3232ST | eBay
  4. Got a project bike with a front torn inner CV boot. The axel doesnt make any noise or clicks yet, should I replace the boot or is it too late, should I just wait till the axel goes out and replace the whole thing?
  5. got a 96 Big Bear Project Bike, the air filter doesnt fit tight with the box. Should there be a rubber gasket between the filter asembley and the intake? Would this gasket come with a new filter, can I just buy this gasket. searched all over but cant find that part or a diagram showing it. Have the owners manuel and service manual but neither show it.
  6. ill give it a try tomorrow, don't know alot about atv clutches but, would this adjust the splipage of the clutch or the shift point, by that I mean, It shifts great, smooth, in and out of all gears, just seems to "clutch drop" when I take off in first with gentel throttle. By that, I mean its like reving up and dropping into first to pop a wheelie (in my younger days, lol).
  7. Picked up a 96 big bear 4x4, put a new carb on it and some electrical work to get it running. Now when I take off, even with light throttle, it jumps (spins all 4 wheels). When I pull up on the shifter between gears (netrual) I can tell its drags a bit, not fully engaged in netrual. Was wondering if the jumping could be caused by a worn Clutch.
  8. found a 93 carb for 175, think ill get it. bought the rig for 150 so I should be in good shape either way. it ran so so till a buddy got it and tried to rebuild the carb, broke the plastic tube the jet sits in, and the float. he gave up and sold it to me.
  9. Need a new carb for a 96 big bear 350 and need to know which carbs are interchangable from other years or models. Looking for a used one. Thanks

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