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  2. Im looking for some technical info on a 500 mule that someone is selling,possibly a manual. Thanx
  3. Problem Found. Turns out the wiring harness under the seat which goes from the left to the right side of the bike was routed under the air cleaner box instead of over which caused the harness to rub against the heat shield of the exhaust pipe causing a short to ground. Repaired wiring and rerouted harness. Problem solved.
  4. I have a 99 Grizzly 600 that keeps blowing the 20 amp fuse, so I have no power to starter lights indicators. Anyone else have this problem?
  5. In the event there is no wire blank, take a test light and probe the wires in back of the ignition switch. With the key on only, find the wire with power. Then splice into that wire and connect it to the solenoid for the winch. Do Not forget to heat shrink any connection and make shue you solder the splice as well.
  6. Found All Balls bearing number, crossed it to Timken bearing and from there to KML Bearing. The KML bearing number is :wink:6006-2RD-QE6. These are front wheel bearings.
  7. I have a 1993 Big Bear with right front wheen bearings gone. Would anyone happen to know a generic bearing number like SK number? Thanx
  8. Thanx for the rply. Found the issue with the winch. !st a defective solenoind and 2nd had to clean the brushes on the motor.
  9. I have a 93 Big Bear 350 with a Warn winch (200lb) with rotary control. I was wondering if anyone has a wiring schematic for it. Thanx

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