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  2. I went and bought some high temp silicone but when looking closely at the 3 bolts on the cylinder head they all seem to have some sort of slit next to the bolt so I'm guessing this is normal and not a crack since they all have what looks to be this.I do have oil coming out from the top bolt which is #11 on most oem specs for my big bear. What are some of the issues that could cause oil to come out of this bolt? I noticed it did have a metal washer and that is all the oem graph shows goes with the bolt.Below is link to blow out of my big bear and Im referring to the cylinder head section. 19
  3. So I have oil that comes out of out a small crack next to one of the top bolts. Anyone know a way to seal this or fix it without buying a whole new cylinder head? I was hoping there was something I could put on the crack to seal it or I know a welder that could just weld over it?? Thanks again, Keith
  4. I recently picked up a 99 Big bear 350 2x4 and was going to add a winch. It looks as though I'll need to custom make something to mount on frame. I bought the Badlands 2000 and winch plate, but will still need some some sort of mod to get it to work in the front. Anyone have any pics of a similar model big bear with a front winch mount to give me more ideas? Anyone have welding skills and live close to Frisco ,TX and want to come by and help out? Thanks,

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