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89 Suzuki lt250s carburetor

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Good morning,  I had rebuilt the carb yesterday,  unfortunately I forgot to count the turns on the jet and idle air mixture on the outside of the carb. I have the the throttle needle in the 3rd indentation where the stock one was. The only way I can get it to start and barley run is by having my wife pull me in the truck. Can you please tell me where to set everything so I can get it running. 

Thank you 

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The  usual starting point  on most  carb needle  jets  is  1  1/2  turns from   closed.  From there   you  just  have to   try   opening  and  closing in small increments  to  refine the settings.  When  you redid the carb , did  you  make  sure  all  the  passages  were  clear?... You  can  use  the  "canned air" sold for blowing dust  and crap  out of electronics to  also  clear  passages  in  carbs if  you  don't  have  a compressor  and  air  gun   handy. I would  pull  the  carb  again  and double check  everything .. Check the float  height  adjustment,  jets  and passages  for obstructions.  Then  reassemble , set  jets  1 1/2  turns from  closed  and  start  from there.

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Thanks,  I thoroughly cleaned and blew everything out. I think the valves need adjustment.  Do I take the left side cover off to see the timing marks? Any other advice would be much appreciated. 


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Sorry ,  I  can't help you there .  You'll  have to go  by the  manual....unless a  Suzuki owner  can chime in here  and help. I haven't  been  into  the  valves on my  Honda  or my  friends  Suzuki..... yet.... 

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