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New QuadBoss ATV/UTV Drive Belts

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    • By Thomas Brooks
      I know...I feel stupid for asking.  I find it impossible to use the thumb throttle with my thumb when I have the bars turned full right. I have to reach across the top and grab the throttle from the front with my fingers. It isn't very smooth and I can't help but think that there must be a technique, mod or adjustment for this. How do I get past this?
      2017 Polaris Sportsman 570 X2
    • By Ron Young
      My 1990s KLF 300 has just developed this problem where if I turn onto full lock in either direction, the motor cuts out. It suggests to me either a short associated with the ignition switch, or more likely tension on a wire which is losing contact when pulled. To me this seems more likely because I would expect a short to show up as a flicker in the ignition light, which it does not.
      Before I strip it all down, has anyone experienced this, or could you advise me which wire/s to follow? Even though first look shows a number of wires in that are, I guess only one, or two would be involved. Thanks in advance.
    • By Ajmboy
      I'm starting this post and then sending it straight to Santa! So let Santa know what you want for Christmas!
      Me: I want Satellite Radio for my car, a new chair for my computer desk (because my ass has wore this one out), and a new pc!
    • By Steve1981
      View File 2001 Yamaha Bear Tracker Full Service Manual
      Figured I would share what I had. This really helped me out. Tinkering with my wife's atv now, so Looking for a 96 Polaris Xpress 300 service manual, preferably a free download.
      Submitter Steve1981 Submitted 09/29/2018 Category Yamaha ATV  
    • By neomoquad
      Hey guys, new here so bear with me.. I hope I posted in the right area. I am curious if you guys run a semi or full synthetic oil. If a full syn blend, is it PAO? I'm trying to gauge my best option for the buck. Thanks
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    • By Ajmboy
      Just doing some yard work with my Yamaha Grizzly and Quadboss dump cart.
    • By Ajmboy
      Still using my quadboss dump cart, came in handy to transport some rocks.
    • By Ajmboy
      When comparing dump carts for ATVs, you mostly find steel carts out there from various online retailers and places like Sears and Home Depot. My first choice a few months back was going to be to pick up one of those steel carts for my ATV, but then I was able to get my hands on Quadboss's Swivel Dump Cart that has this hardened "Structual Foam" body that is rust proof. This dump cart came in a large box which I snapped a picture of below. The contents of the box were the dump body, 2 wheels, frame, trailing arm, and hardware & pins. I spread the items out and followed the easy to read instructions. They illustrated every pin, nut, and bolt size, so that you know exactly where they are supposed to go. The steel frame parts of this cart are heavy duty 11 gauge steel, and along with the 1 inch axle, the load capacity is able to be set at 1,250 lbs. Assembly was pretty simple and took about an hour all together.
      The longest part of the install was attaching the dump body to the frame with 10 bolts. It would probably go quicker with 2 people, one holding the dump body and feeding the bolts, and the other holding the frame, and screwing on the nuts on. Once that part was done, the rest was pretty easy. I was impressed with the fact that the wheels had grease fittings for the wheel bearings. Once it was all put together, attachment was easy to my ATV hitch receiver hole with a supplied pin. You can use a hitch ball, but it's not necessary.
      Now it was time to test this thing. I took it out of the garage and around the property, over some bumps and a hill or two. It was very stable empty, so then I decided to do some work to fill her up. It was a nice day finally, most all of the snow had melted, and it was time to lay into some yard work. I had planned to dig out some dirt from one area and transport it to an area where I needed some more soil. I pulled up next to my mound of dirt and started digging. I filled the cart up with two loads and dumped them both in the area that needed the dirt. Dumping it requires you to step on the release mechanism pedal that has anti-slip spikes, and lift up the cart. I suppose if you fill it up with overweight stuff, it's going to be a pain to lift it on your own. The dirt all came out except for the last 10% that I used my shovel to get out. The sloped rear on the dump is nice. Another nice feature is the swivel, which allows you to turn the dump up to 100 degrees before dumping. So that was pretty easy, so I decided to load some other things around the property, like rocks, brush, twigs, and branches. This is where the optional fence attachment would have come in handy. I may need to get that next. I'm still waiting to take it up on the trails. I highly suggest this dump for anyone looking for a high quality work horse of a dump, as an alternative to the traditional steel carts.
      QuadBoss Website QuadBoss ATV Trailer Product Video

      Find ATV Dump Carts on Amazon
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    • By ATVNetwork
      Finding the right winch for your ATV is pretty easy if you know what you are looking for, but if you don't, it can be pretty challenging. What differentiates winches from one another can can mean the difference of getting unstuck or staying stuck. QuadBoss winches start at 2500lb and go up to 5000lb, with the option if wire cable or rope. Our recommendation is to go with the rope as it's easy to work with and it won't develop the burrs that can occur on steel cable, making it safer to handle without gloves, although careless use will cause knots. QuadBoss offers their winches with Dyneema Rope in the models below:
      QuadBoss 2500lb Winch with Dyneema Rope RP25WS - $186.58 on Amazon
      QuadBoss 3500lb Winch with Dyneema Rope RP35WS - $193.74 on Amazon
      Quadboss 5000lb Winch with Dyneema Rope RP5000SR - $257.57 on Amazon
      If you chose to go with wire cable, here are your choices:
      QuadBoss 2500lb Winch with Wire Cable RP25WC - $166.12 on Amazon
      QuadBoss 3500lb Winch with Wire Cable RP35WC - $173.28 on Amazon
      Quadboss 5000lb Winch with Wire Cable Rp5000qb - $229.91 on Amazon

      QUADBOSS 2500lb and 3500lb winches feature:
      2 Stage planetary gear system for fast line speed Low electric current Aluminum engagement lever Automatic load-holding self locking brake Power in & power out Free spooling Sealed & Water Resistant ¼" safety hook  Handlebar mounted switch Roller fairlead 3Hp, 3.5Hp,  heavy duty electric permanent magnetic motor 39' x 3/16" aircraft cable Wire Cable or Grey Dyneema® rope - Rated line to pull 2500lbs QuadBoss model specific mount kits and accessories sold separately One Year Limited Warranty  
      QUADBOSS 5000lb winches feature:
      Wireless and handheld remote controls included Sealed and water-resistant Automatic load: holding self-locking brake Low electric current Free-spooling Three-stage, metal-planetary gear system for fast line speed Aluminum engagement lever Includes 50 ft. wire cable or 50 ft. synthetic Dyneema® rope One-year limited warranty  
      Don't forget to get your self a QuadBoss Winch Accessory Kit! The QuadBoss Winch Accessory Kit comes complete with a snatch block capable of handling up to 8,000 lbs. as well as a 1/2 in. D-shackle and a 1 in. x 8 ft. tree trunk protector and tool bag. 

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