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2009 IRS Big Bear 400 Elec help/Drawing needed

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Hi everyone, been using these forums for quite some time as they're an immense help and tons of good info but am at a loss with this machine...


Have an 09 Big Bear with no fire.  Have run through the normal ohm tests and bypassing/ruling out components.  

-stator/pick up are within spec

-coil within spec 

-good CDI from running machine

Was able to get specs for components by crossing them to older models through parts fiches


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I  know  it  may be simplistic, but did you try swapping  out the spark  plug ?.. One  friend beat himself  up  looking  for his  no  spark  problem  until  another  asked  him   if  he tried a  new  plug.. Sometimes it  is the simplest things that  trip  us  up.  That  is  on  our  first  check  list ever since when  there  is no spark.

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First thing I checked as I've had lots of machines come to me with no ignition and was the culprit.  Usually pretty good with troubleshooting electrical especially on the Yami's and Honda's but this ones got me stumped. 

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To also add I've checked through the harness and connectors best I can for both continuity and resistance along with checked all the grounding points in the harness along with the grounds to chassis

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the spark plug cap is always a gotcha too. how I picked up my kodiak way back on the cheap, guy couldnt get it running.

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Sorry for the late response, been busy with work.  I've literally checked over all components to see if they're with in range of spec as well tested the cdi in a running machine. Still no luck. 

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