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2017 Arctic Cat Alterra ATV Video

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I do like the Arctic Cat Alterra rack attachments and seems like a comfortable ATV to ride. Price isn't bad either.



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This past spring I picked up an Alterra 400 for my girl. She is not a fan of full size cats, and her prior machine was a 2010 366.

The mid sized models do not have speedracks but I got a nice cargo bag for the rear for a good price.

Couldn't beat buying a brand new machine with 4WD for $4500



0527171100b (Medium).jpg

0527171150a (Medium).jpg

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Wow, that's a great price! I relate this machine to the class of the old suzuki eiger 400 4x4 quads and those were always fun to ride. When you were looking to buy, were you looking at any other ATVs in this class? Just curious what made you go Arctic Cat? The red color looks good and its very modern looking. did the winch come in the price?

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This was the fourth Arctic Cat I bought. I sold my 2007 machine last year. We kept her old 366 as a backup machine. The only other machine I had was a Kymco Mongoose 250 which was her first machine. Sold that and she found she liked a utility quad better.

I was actually at the dealer buying parts to overhaul the 366 (shocks, bushings, bearings, etc.) and saw the Alterra. Last year Textron bought out Arctic Cat and the first thing they did was reduce pricing on all machines. I figured for $4500 why not buy new and see what Textron does with Arctic Cat, this way I don't have to buy anything for a few years. Turns out this is their new pricing, not a sale. For example, looking on my dealers site, you can get a 2018 Alterra 500 with EFI for $5000.

The 2010 366 model has 9,500 miles on it, still running good, The 2007 400 I sold has 16,000 miles on it. Engine was rebuilt at 14,000 because I sunk it and water/mud got into the motor. The guy wanted it for the motor since it was rebuilt.

The newer 700 VLX, he already sold out of the 2018 models.  Or how about an Alterra 700 with EPS for $8500.

The winch was extra, but I always have a winch on the machines.

So far it looks like Textron is going to be a good thing for Arctic Cat.




1210171228 (Small).jpg

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