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05 Suzuki King Quad 700 Oil Change?

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Im new to the forum and the quad I just got. I want to change oil in in. Its almost impossible to find anything on-line. I know it takes 10w40 and know the oil filter location. What oil should I use? Is there a cross reference for oil filter. The closest dealer to me is an hour away. I have NAPA close and like the WIX or Napa gold filters. Also is where can I get a Manuel for it? Thanks

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Welcome to QUADCRAZY! I moved your topic to the Suzuki forum. I used to own a 700 King Quad myself.  The OE filter number should be 16510-03G00-X07 and that crosses to aftermarket part numbers:


If you have a Napa, you'll need a 1359 Gold


I'll look around for a manual.

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I found the Manual.....Thank You!!

I also changed oil with the Napa Gold 1359 and used the Ams Oil 4 stroke ATV 0W40 oil. I changed the plug with a NGK 6965. Man what a difference a plug can make. Its like a whole new beast(what my wife calls it). This thing has loads of power. I had a Polaris Predator 500 back in 03 and this is just crazy more power. The throttle isn't as touchy but very controllable, which to me is better. Now to start powder coating stuff on it. Ill post pics when done

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I have a (new to me) 2008 750 AXi.  I use 0W-40 Mobil 1 which is readily available at most stores of one of the world's largest retailer.  Thw WIX filter is good, too, and is available from the world's largest online discount company (so is the oil).  Availability is important to me in Alaska.

Don't forget the front and rear differentials.  The levels on mine were low with only 82 hours and 250 miles on the quad.  I went to a NGK CR6EIA-9 (7967) iridium spark plug.  Ten years of the previous (OEM) plug's installation made getting the old one out difficult.

As you said, lots of power.  I will be pushing a five foot plow with mine in the not-too-distant future.



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The arctic conditions of interior Alaska require synthetic lube.  I use Mobil 1  75W-140 in the front differential.  The rear differential gets hydraulic oil specified for wet brake or clutch use.  I could not find a synthetic for GL-4 specified by Suzuki and which contained the words “...wet brake or clutch.”  I used a Carquest (Advance Auto) conventional oil which met those specifications.

After plowing all winter and then hauling fill for my driveway, I will change the front and rear axle lubes before winter.

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For normal conditions the posted service manual documents the fluid specs.


If you have problems with your fan assembly.  check out my previous post... found a perfect replacement on Amazon that fit perfectly in the mounting bracket.  I was prepared to fabricate my own when I bought the fan and then realized it fit the bracket.  just changed the plug end and perfect.

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