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Axle guards

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Machine was never maintained properly before i got it so it needed new axles and i figured i should protect them as they were not cheap. Also needed other new front end parts all around so i built a small press and just did all 4 ball joints and the wheel bearings. Only tie rod ends left and going to swap out the steering column bushing and check that bearing before i can finally put it all back together and align it properly. Handy rig.


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Already did the rear bearings and replaced what was left (not much!) of the ancient stock muffler (Its a '97 TRX300FW). The old girl also got 4 new tires, a spark plug, her fluids changed and i got her tuned up (will most likely receive a carb kit as well) and the clutch and throttle adjusted. After i overhaul the brakes she should run another 20 years easy...


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