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  1. Brother in law has a can am with similar issue. I’ll let him know the trick
  2. Good luck with the wiring diagram. Good bedside reading, lol
  3. Those old Honda’s are awesome. Little bit of maintenance and they last and last.
  4. I use an old garmin etrex but have never offloaded any files. Just let the track log run till it’s full and then writes over itself. Keeps your most recent trails up on the screen.
  5. Been riding since I was old enough to pull start our old Honda big rid trike. Dad gave me the 92 TRX300 to fix up and get running. Did some searches and found this place. Nice to find like minded people
  6. If you are still looking I would try a wrecker yard. Prices are usually much better than eBay if you can find what you need.
  7. I usually run factory oil in my bikes but I have tried Castrol motorcycle oil and shell rotella with decent results. Just make sure it’s rated for your quad
  8. 7degrees Celsius in Saskatchewan this morning. Getting the itch to go riding with the temperatures like this
  9. ya magnets on the outside of the starter are typically either glued or secured by screws. Sounds like the epoxy let go.
  10. Manuals are available on the site here after you post at least 10 times

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