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ATV tires... how old is too old?

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I have a 1985 Suzuki LT230 GE quadrunner.  It has been stored in a shed for at least the last 15 years and has very low mileage.  Although the tires look and feel great... should I consider changing them since they are 38 years old?  I don't intend to ride to far or too fast but I don't want to have to walk out of the bush.  Any input would be welcome.

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I'm sure that for a whole lot of woowser reasons we are meant to say not to use them.. but I'd pump them up gently, with a hand pump as they recommend since they take so little air or pressure, and see what they look like. Unless they had a lot of small cracks I'd use them.

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I would run them also, it not like they are highway rated anyway, rubber does get harder and slicker as it gets older, so if you are doing a lot of rock climbing and hitting stumps you might reconsider, but that kind of riding plays havoc on new tires also. So yeah i would run them, but i wouldnt try to break any speed records. 

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I'm not gonna do anything crazy on this ATV and I was pretty well decided that I'd run the tires as is and see if they look like they'll hold out but if anyone had a really compelling reason not to I would look for new ones.  Thanks for the input!!!

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I agree with others, I'd air them up and try them.  Maybe go for a quick ride for 15 to 20 minutes then check them out.  If there are any cracks I would replace them.  I just replace a set of tires on my 05 triton atv88 trailer as they were cracked in several spots and sidewall.  Obviously this is a bit different with loads and highway speeds but they were almost 30 years old.

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      I have been rebuilding some ATVs in my spare time and teaching myself along with the help from the internet how an engine works and getting bikes running again is quite enjoyable. I even built an arctic cat 300 4x4 from two parts bikes the had seized motors and missing parts. It was pretty enjoyable. 
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