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10 posts before I can download?

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Hello @Rick Shropshire  looking at your activity, yes you have enough content download.  


However, we do have some restrictions in place and it looks to me like you have exceeded them (I believe):

5 downloads per day
30 downloads per week
40 downloads per month

How many times have you tried to download? We will be changing this around in the new year and offering a premium membership level for high users.


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Well I didnt know there was a limit, and I have a  project that is a frankenstein (it contains parts from several makers) so I did try to look into a few. I just wanted to look, but thats apparently not an option. I have not been able to download 1 thing from this site. If there are limits, you should mention that where you mention needing 10 posts to download, and I should still be able to download something today. 

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i wasnt counting, i may or may not have, how could I possibly have known I needed to keep count when you didnt mention anything about limits. Bottom line is, you didnt have it listed  anywhere and I am not a mind reader. I may have tried to dl 5 or 6, 7 or 8?? You seem to be able to look up my activity so, tell me how many I tried to dl? Dude, I thought this was gonna be a cool place to socialize and what not, but its starting to appear much different to me. How long am I now restricted and are there anymore secrets I should know about? I sure hope we can resolve this.

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