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Triton 450 Super Moto Hard Start Please help


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Hello guys! I ride a triton 450 super moto. i hawe change connecting road... Now all is okey,test drive ok manny km done. But there is one problem...i hawe buy a new accu. But the starter is verry hard rotate...almost stops.  So the motor is wery hard to start. I hawe trie connect the starter directley to accu and its the same thing.Before rebuild the starter has work normal.

What hawe i done wrong?

Sorry for my English:)

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Valves has been adjust 10km befor i hawe change the connecting road.


The motor works great,all is ok power is  awesome. Just the stupid start problem.  The motor can start,but yery difficul,like i say the starter almost stop,but taking one minute to start. 

What else can bee wrong? Something in the motor-hope not!

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Voltage to the positive terminal of the starter while  cranking   should be  between  10.5  and11.8 v while the  motor  is turning over.  If it  is less  then  either the battery is weak or there is possibly  corrosion creating resistance and dropping the voltage  to the starter.  A fully  charged battery  should  have  between  12.6  and 13.2 volts

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Hey guys!

Thanx for helping!


Today i try this.  

With the spark plug out is when starting 10.50V So the accu is perfect.

I have record the videos how that looks.... 

With spark plug:  https://youtu.be/gqaGxzPqhrs

Spark plug remowed:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPJ5XynJXhI

I dont understand what is wrong :(

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It sounds to  me  like the one way  clutch  for the starter is not grabbing properly.  You should not  hear the  starter whining it  the clutch was locking to turn the motor  ovrr.  With the  plug out, the clutch  holds just enough to turn the motor  over  slowly , but it is still slipping badly. Since you  had the motor apart,  you   may have installed the clutch  backwards.  Try  taking it  out  and turning it  around to see if that solves the problem.  If it doesn't, a  new  one way  clutch ( sprag clutch) should fix your problem. 



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thanx for answer. 


But this sound(sliping) is from today..realy.  Other days has not slipped like this..has grab full...but stil cannot rotate engine... its grabing so much that the starter stops!

I notice other days..that when i pull the choke out...there is much worse to rotate engine. When the choke is in is better.

I dont think that can bee one way.

When engine is hot,then engine starts in first try. And starter rotate betther.

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OK..  Sorry  I  can't  help  more.  The  starter  clutch  should grab so hard  that  it  stops if the  motor  doesn't turn  over.  That is  normal . Spinning over without the motor  turning over  is  not.

Did  you change the piston  when  you worked on the motor?  It  might be  a  little  too big for the  cylinder and binding  before the motor warms up  and the  cylinder expands .


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I foudn the settings


Can anyone tell the procedure for setting the valves?

Must the engine be in the phaze?

If look in the hole must magnet have the mark T or - ?

When we assembled the engine, we looked at the magnet mark - and not the letter T.
Is this okay? Do you need to look at the letter T for the installation of the engine in the phase?

Thanks for the help.
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On most , engines the procedure is the same, rotate the engine by hand until either the intake rocker arm is loose or the exhaust rocker arm is loose. Then get feeler gauges with the correct clearance marked on them,, and put it between the valve spring and the tapper then loosen the lock nut, screw down the stud until you get a little resistance moving the feeler gauge back and forth, and while holding the little stud that taps the valve, tighten the adjuster nut. Repeat for exhaust valve .

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