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Retaining wall.

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I have a job to to. My retaining wall collapsed and was all over my driveway. This happened about a week ago. The previous owner had it installed. They used 6"x4" block that was glued together. It's approximately 4' high and 70' long.


To my knowledge they should have used 12"x8" interlocking bricks that needed bracing to go into the hill behind it. My insurance company will cover the cost of material and labor. But I've done this before and if I can make some money on it, then why not diy. Any thoughts on what to use da8e76d377b3e21479d7ab18f0ab7d50.jpg


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The trick is to reduce the weight of the soil more to the bottom of the wall and have good drainage. I may have to do this down the road on a smaller wall we have that is leaning a bit. I would use concrete block, some rebar, maybe 1 - 2 inch gravel for drainage behind the wall with possibly some corrugated piping for additional drainage if needed. There's some good images you can google to get some ideas.





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See. I would use block. It's inexpensive and easy to work with. But over time block disintegrates. Same with rail road ties. That's why I was thinking interlock bricks. But if you feel it would hold out for 20+ years. I'm all for it. I know that drainage is key and I believed that it was done. Until I ran a snake thru the drainage exit and it stopped 10 feet in. Would I have to use a vibrator to ensure the cement travels to the bottom?

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I agree with @Ajmboy but I’m a fan of taking the block wall out completely. Peel back the soil far enough back and form out and pour a footing with rebar sticking up. Then after the footing is set and cured form out a new retaining wall and pour a new wall with concrete. Strip it down and you will never have to touch it again. Before you back fill you add some crushed stone and a piece of perforated drain pipe along the bottom back side of the wall and back fill it.  


You can add some pieces of 1” pvc weep holes through the wall at the bottom every 10 feet but water will weep out and feeeze and that’s a pain in the as*.  Salt etc.  

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I have 3 feet to my property line and the village I live in doesn't allow building anything on or close to that line. I do agree with a form build then block but I'd be taking away from my driveway. So brick is the way to go?

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And item 4 or 1/2" stone?

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